" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 30, 2021

Close Encounters of a Blurred Mind?

I saw this very bizarre story in the Sunday Mail newspaper about a doctor who ODed on drugs and believed grey aliens were communicating with her when she was doing Ayahuasca journeys under the supervision of her nut-bag boyfriend who thinks he's a shaman.
But my blurred mind saw the story about Trent Dalton's successful novel raking in the money from the stage play adaption, which I wrote about seeing on Tuesday night in this recent post -
Deepak Chopra: Stairway to Heaven, the Synchrodestiny of Boy Swallows Universe ... and God Don't Play Dice ... ?
And as coincidence would have it, in the stage play
'Boy Swallows Universe' in this Vietnamese karaoke restaurant scene pictured above, the evil drug dealing restaurant owner bursts into The Carpenters hit song
I also saw the
'Ancient Aliens' guys on stage in a theatre complex not far away from where I saw the play about six years back, and that complex is on Grey Street ironically enough -
My Night at the Ancient Astronauts Australian Tour 2015
It's a trippy world that we are all living in, don't you reckon?
And in that same September 26th Courier Mail newspaper was another OD news story about the late Michael K. Williams, which seemed a rather belated story considering he passed away at the start of September. 
A Kiss of Chaos?

September 29, 2021

Deepak Chopra: Stairway to Heaven, the Synchrodestiny of Boy Swallows Universe ... and God Don't Play Dice ... ?

Just all Pi in the sky?
EP 221, Deepak Chopra:
 Stairway to Heaven
Albert was born and Stephen Hawking
 died on Pi Day?!
I listened to the latest 'Connecting with Coincidence' podcast this morning featuring Deepak Chopra of all people.
And when Deepak tells how he was seduced to have his books published by Stephen Hawking's publishing company my mind went into a synchrodestiny contemplation overdrive, as my two sons bought tickets at the beginning of September for my birthday to see the stage play of the Trent Dalton novel 'Boy Swallows Universe' last night.
The play, like the book, is all about time and possible multiple universes and tells a semi-mythical autobiography of the author's own life of growing up in Brisbane, Australia.
Earth Swallows Boys and Boy Swallows Universe?
Is that a bird outside of the window?-)
The play took place in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, which ironically enough was the building I won two tickets to the value of $650 back in the late 80s or early 90s to see Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and the Angel Lady (Doreen Virtue) at an all-day stage show:-)
And there was only one winner for those two tickets in the whole of The Courier Mail newspaper's readership, and that one winner just happened to be me.
And the Clock on the Wall is a Fine Clock ... Chasing the Minutes in a Climb?
I had a knowing that I was meant to win that competition for some unearthly reason, and I did of course.
I asked my father-in-law at the time if he was interested in one of the two tickets I had won, and to my surprise he was, and caught the train with me to make a day of it.
He even took the day off, because the tickets were for a Tuesday.
I was more interested in seeing and hearing Wayne Dyer out of any of the author/speakers, and my now late and ex-father-in-law was a huge Deepak Chopra fan for some reason, even though he always said that he believed that when you died that was it.
He was always reading Deepak's books which he borrowed for the council library.
I don't recall ever having read a book of Deepak's to this day, as I never knew if Deepak wasn't just talking "word salad" as some critics have accused him of in the past.
I Can See Clearly Now That Wayne Has Gone?
Just watching the wheel go round while
waiting for my sons in 
Everyone had to wear masks 
last night, even while seated
All the universe is a stage
that we are just going through?-)
Stephen Hawking's Final Theory: The Universe is a Hologram?

September 28, 2021

Natalie Portman's Demons Annihilate Chris Hemsworth's Bulldogs?-)

Why are you wearing the Demon's colours Chris?
"What's all this talk about Demons and Annihilation, Nat?":-)
August 11, 11:11 and Rainbow People?

Lucifer's Technology?

The latest from
'The Secret Sun' blog:-)
Lucifer starring in a light-hearted
  solar power advert?-)
The September 24th, 2021
Queensland paper
Personally I don't believe in such man-made mythologies as Satan or Lucifer, although I do believe in "God" for lack of a better word and synchromysticism, so when I saw Christopher Knowles from 'The Secret Sun' blog had put up a post about Lucifer's Technologies on my birthday, and that a full page advert for a solar power company using Lucifer (the light bringer?) in the September 24th, 2021 (Australia/Queensland is a day ahead of the USA, by the way) Queensland Courier Mail newspaper I thought I should draw Chris' attention to what I found in the rest of that day's newspaper.
Having just watched the movie 'The Current War' on Amazon Prime probably primed my mind to see the Lucifer solar power ad in the newspaper the next day as well.   
God knows I guess, right?-)
There were also full page adverts in the same edition of the newspaper for current technology such as the new Apple iPhone 13:-)
Plus on the opposite page was a story about 13 orphans dodging a bullet. 
My favourite story was about ravens attacking the Google delivery drones in Australia's capital city, Canberra:-)
Also, the death of John Elliott dying on my birthday I found personally a little synchromystically spooky. 
Yes, it certainly was a newspaper full of Lucifer and current technology.
And on
page 13 was an appearance by 'The Dark Knight'
 which reminded me of Chris Knowles and Jake Kotze for some reason:-)
God works in mysterious ways, as THEY say ... as do humans?-)
Oh, and the
Melbourne Demons (the oldest football club in the world) won their first AFL Grand Final in 57 years, and in the first ever Perth (Heath Ledger's home town) AFL Grand Final, too:-)
Western Bulldogs superfan Chris Hemsworth is
 used to
posting photos of himself celebrating
the team’s success but ...
And what I find really amusing was that Chris Hemsworth's team the Western Bulldogs got absolutely flogged by his Thor co-star Natalie Portman's team in Perth (in the Black Swan state of Australia):-)
"What's all this talk about Demons and Annihilation, Nat?":-)
Natalie Portman
Portman, Pop-Culture and Irony: A Black Swan State and Annihilation?-)