" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 31, 2013

42 Minutes Episode 108: Mark Golding Healing Magic

42 Minutes Episode 108: Mark Golding
The Sync Book
42 Minutes Episode 108: Mark Golding
Healing Magic
Topics: St Jude, St Helen, Hastings, Water Work, Wood Pigeons, Healing, Treasure, Love & Humility.
Mark Golding, wearing a top hat splendidly
arrayed with a variety of colourful feathers.
Mark Golding
Mark Golding
When John Beal was told he had less than a year to live, he made the decision to put his time and energy into cleaning up Hamm Creek
Vale Mark Golding?☉

October 29, 2013

The Dave Graney/Justin Heazlewood Sync Roadshow


Australian Nights

The Bedroom 

Philosopher Diaries

When I was down at The Byron Bay Writers Festival this year 
My Crow Totem at the BBWF
I found Dave Graney's book 1001 Australian Nights in the bookshop.
The thing that caught my eye was the car on the front cover,
which to me looked (and still looks to me) pale blue with silver wheels.
If you have been following this blog, then you know what the blue car with silver wheels mean to me as a sync sign.

Blue Cars


Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes - 

I'm Gonna Release Your Soul

When I picked Dave's book up and had a flick through it I felt that I should buy it, so I did, even though I didn't really know much at all about Dave Graney's music.

But with the help of You Tube I soon learned about his songs and bands.

I wasn't even planning to go to Dave's talk at the festival.
I was going to see a talk by some other authors at that time of the day, but after purchasing his book I decided to go see his talk with Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom Philosopher) and Lucky Oceans.
Dave Graney, Justin Heazlewood and
Lucky Oceans at the
BBWF 2013
I didn't even know much about The Bedroom Philosopher's music, either.
I went along to the talk and even picked up Justin's book, as well.
It was a good talk and I'm glad fate guided me to a talk I never would have attended if it wasn't for the car on the front of Dave's book.
You can see Justin doing a pole dance on the tent pole of the tent that the talk was held in, in the above You Tube.
From 1001 Australian Nights
In the passage above in Dave's book he mentions playing 
the Martians Cafe in Dean's Marsh.
"Martians Cafe has become a very popular music venue amongst punters and musicians alike. Artists such as Archie Roach, Chris Wilson, Dan Sultan and Rebecca Barnard have honoured our stage and have received wonderful receptions from our audiences."

Martians Cafe

Peter Carey, who was also at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, prides himself when people ask him what he is (referring to nationality, or place)he replies a Martian, because he is from a town called  
Bacchus Marsh.
I use the moniker "Australien" on my, as I'm an Australian, and not very good at spelling;-)
One day I spelled Australian wrong but liked it so much that I designed a t-shirt with that name in mind.
When I bought a copy of Bliss at the BBWF and asked Peter to sign it, I asked him to sign it to Darren the "Australien".
He seemed pretty impressed with that play on words, like he had never even seen anything like it.
Come to think of it, neither had I until the day I misspelled Australian.
My paragraph as it appears in SB2
Now, the funny thing is last year Alan Green e-mailed me and asked me if I wanted to contribute my "2012 End of the World" predictions for The SYNC Book 2.
I wrote about one of my favourite movies Bliss 
 (based on Peter Carey's novel of the same name)
 and the main character's wondering if he had died and gone to hell when he suffered a heart attack, or whether the world was always this screwed and he wasn't really paying attention.
Peter Carey at the BBWF 2013.
There was no way I could have foreseen Peter Carey being at the 2013 Byron Bay Writers Festival the year before, as there was no mention about him coming out to Australia for this event.
He lives in New York and hasn't been to Byron Bay for 2 to 3 decades.



Another thing I didn't realize when I saw the movie but found out when I read the book is that the place Harry Joy heads to is the area surrounding Byron Bay, near Mt. Warning/Wollumbin.
Mount Warning 
The area Peter Carey has Harry Joy do all of his tree planting later in the book Bliss is the area focused on in this book -
Rainbow Dreaming -
'Tales from the Age of Aquarius'
The Rainbow Region
From 1001 Australian Nights

The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries

Also, both Justin and Dave mention the town of Goondiwindi in both of their books, which is a personal sync for me also, as I just wrote a post a while back about the town and the racehorse.

Highway 42 and the 

Ultimate Answer?

I've had heaps of syncs reading Dave's and Justin's books, but that will be enough for this post.
Maybe the best thing that has come out of the books was discovering their back catalogue of songs on the You Tube channels.

October 28, 2013

The Joker and the Thief?

Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief

(Visual Video)

Friday at the First

Boomerang Festival Ever

I bought a pack of cards designed by Daphne Kal-Ma-Kuta Dux

from the Boomerang Festival this year and have to say they are rather unique.
All the cards between 2 & 10 have a Daphne Kal-Ma-Kuta Dux
painting on them relating mainly to her family history of growing up in the Bribie Island area of Queensland
Queen's land, that has to be like saying a curse word to an Aboriginal descendant when you really think about the name of the state.
My cousins once operated a takeaway shop on Bribie Island years ago.
And no, they weren't Aboriginal descendants.

Daphne May 'Kal-Ma-Kuta' Dux

On the back of each card is this turtle painting, which I just love.
Oddly enough, I saw this story on the ABC news-site about early 
turtle mating, which is happening in an area that 
isn't that far from Bribie Island either.
Warmer weather may have prompted early start to endangered green turtle mating season

Welcome to Northern Rivers Creative

'Unfinished Melody'
You should be able to get a pack from the above places, if you want your own deck.

October 25, 2013

Saved For Good?

The iconic image of Hanabeth Luke assisting Tom Singer through the flames of the Sari Club in Bali.

This is a show well worth the watch.

 To watch this show click on the link below -


When disaster strikes, what determines who lives and who dies? Does luck, chance, Karma or God decide our fate? And, do those who survive owe any debt for their lives?

Compass explores how survivors of two very different disasters have made sense of what happened to them.

Hanabeth Luke was 22 when she survived the Bali Bombing, but the love of her life - who was just metres away from her on the dance floor of the Sari Club – did not. Josh & Gabby Magnus and their sons, Eli and Zac, were in Thailand on Boxing Day 2004 when the tsunami hit their holiday resort. They survived, but more than 230,000 in the region did not. How has their survival impacted on their lives? And, have their religious beliefs played a role in their extraordinary experiences?
Story producer: Francoise Fombertaux
Story researcher: Francoise Fombertaux & Jane Cameron

More Info

To enquire about obtaining a copy of this program please contact 
ABC Program Sales.
Hanabeth details some other seemingly paranormal events surrounding this event in her book Shock Waves.
Surfing the Wine Syncs

"God Does Not Play Dice ..."

Just reading Lyall Watson's book Beyond Supernature and I came across this passage- 
"The word "chance"comes from the Old French cheance, meaning 
"the way in which things fall",
and seems, right from the start, to have referred to the lie of gaming dice - 
the oldest, and still one of the most effective, randomising devices.
The French word cheance, in it's turn, derives from the Latin cadentia, which also means "falling", but carries in addition, a sense of rhythm.
Hence the English word "cadence" that describes a measured movement, something pleasantly musical.
This etymology implies that chance was never seen as haphazard or altogether neutral. 
It hints at an early awareness of the existence of some kind of pattern, at the presence or absence of what we have come to call luck.
It is something that echoes through history like a pulse beat."
Also, Lyall's niece, Katherine Lyall-Watson has her play Motherland coming out again.
I saw this play a year ago when my mate
Warwick Frasier was doing the lighting for this production.
"Sweeping through the Russian Revolution, World War II, and Brisbane history, Motherland is an epic new work of historical fiction, informed by actual events.
Three women, exiled from their homelands, find their lives are woven together across continents and decades. 
Nell Tritton, the Brisbane wife of a deposed Russian prime minister forms a close friendship with Nina Berberova, who is exiled in Paris. 
The woman who would tell their story is Alyona, a Russian curator whose dreams of a new Australian paradise are crushed by bankruptcy and the Fitzgerald Inquiry.
Shortlisted for the Patrick White Playwrights’ Award, Motherland is a tapestry of friendship, displacement, home, and identity – 
a finely-crafted story of the casualties of love, ambition, and politics.
Lyall with his niece Katherine,
who lives in
Brisbane now
My Night in Motherland 
Also, I couldn't help noticing that the leaf on my Beyond Supernature book looks just like the leaf I thought was a maple leaf on the footpath in Bangalow.



I notice also that the play opens on the 30th of October, which is the date my father-in-law John passed away 3 years ago.

October 23, 2013

Always Record: Episode 66: The Full Circle Jerks

David and Alan are joined by Will Morgan and Douglas Bolles from
42 Minutes and Andras Jones from Synchronize 
to celebrate the two-year anniversary of 42 Minutes 
(which would make this the two-year anniversary
of Sync Book Radio)
The conversation turns to Freud and James Hillman, 911 and Titanic, Full Circle 
(The Haunting of Julia), Room 237
Sharon Tate and Helter Skelter, and other related topics.
Always Record: Episode 66: The Full Circle Jerks; Part 1

Always Record: Episode 66: The Full Circle Jerks; Part 2
OK, a few things to bear in mind as you are listening to this pod-cast, since the subject matter is mainly about synchronicity. 
The TV/Radio podcast being discussed on AR 66 is this show which can be viewed by clicking on this link -
The Andy Dick Show – 10-16-13
 WARNING:  Now it is an Andy Dick show, so it has some very bad language scattered throughout it, including the C word.
It's also an almost polar opposite show to Always Record, as well.
Not that these guys don't swear, either.
You should probably listen to the Andy Dick show first, so you know what these guys are talking about in the AR 66 show.
It's funny how the guys on AR 66 seem to bring up syncs that fly right over the top of their heads (or they just don't mention them)
For instance someone mentions the #22 syncs flying around and they bring up Donald Pleasence and Charles Manson.
Pleasence died on 2/2/95 and Manson was arrested on the 22nd April, 1968 for something. 
(Jack Nicholson's birthday 4/22/37)
... or Room 4/22/37 for that matter;-)
Let's not forget that Donald Pleasence plays a character by the name of 'Oracle' Jones in The Hallelujah Trail, either. 
Andras Jones
"When Moustapha Akkad asked Donald Pleasence how many more Halloween (1978) films he was planning to make, Donald replied 
"I stop at twenty-two!""
The Circle Jerks also had a track on the movie soundtrack for 
Repo Man, a movie that I wrote a post about a while back here -
Repo Man/127 Sync
And what date did the Titanic actually sink?
RMS Titanic  
April 15th
Jackie Robinson Day.
Even though it hit the iceberg on the 14th, it didn't sink until
well after midnight.
Donald Pleasence played Professor Robinson in his last movie 
Fatal Frames.
"A television actor drinks too much and gets blackballed (8-Balled) from the industry, and then he decides to break back in by directing his own movie. 
Eventually, he gets sober, and then falls off the wagon and goes crazy and turns his film into a musical."
The movie Danny Roane starring Andy Dick  
(with a 4.2 IMDB [I'M DB?] rating) stars Jack Black, of Tenacious D who the guys say gave them the title for Always Record.
Looking at the news story of the two sea snakes that were found made me wonder if the black snake used in the 66 AR poster had anything to do with 2013 being the 
'Year of the (Water) Snake'?
'Sea serpent' found in US sparks earthquake myth talk
Year of the Snake and Abraxas?  
An "Always" Record;-)
Listen to the 29:30 mark of this podcast -