" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 15, 2014

A Day on the Green under the White?

Last Sunday I finally got to see The Living End play in front of me live when they supported Jimmy Barnes at A Day on the Green in Brisbane.
Well, I guess it's technically the Redland Shire and not really Brisbane where the winery is located, so it should be called 
A Day on the Green in the Red, maybe?-)
Although, if you take a close look at the photos I took on the day, you will see horizontal lines all over the sky that were made by planes.
I know they were made by planes, because I was watching them while they made them.
So we did have nice blue skies to start the day off with, but these planes soon turned the day into 
A Day on the Green in the Red under the White, you could say.
Maybe those Chem-trails were just one of those jealous French wineries like Moet trying to poison  the grapes growing behind us and teaching a lesson to Terry for making his wine sound French by using his first two initials (T&E) and his surname (Morris) and spelling it backwards to make his wine brand sound French?
After the aerial show and right after Nick Barker's set,
Mahalia Barnes hit the stage with her band.
Mahalia Barnes on the A Day on the Green stage last Sunday.
Mahalia started the damage to my ears that 
her dad would later on in the night finish off. ;-)
Great seats I thought. But those speakers were loaded and pointed right at my ears.
As the day started heading towards night and the Chem-trails started to drift away towards Brisbane, Ian Moss took to the stage.
Ian Moss on stage.
I thought Sirromet supplying caged dancing girls was a bit much, not to mention a bit of a throw back  to the 60s, but it seemed to keep the crowd entertained, I guess. ;-)
Then the band I came to see hit the stage and hit it hard.
The Living End.

The Carnival Comes to Town

The Living End were worth every cent, I thought.
The End also played one of my favorites, White Noise.
I must confess that I'm not a big Jimmy Barnes fan and that 
I was there to see and hear The Living End.
But it was still good to catch Jimmy live for the first time in my life, even if my ears didn't agree.
At least Jimmy did finish his set with the old 
Cold Chisel song Flame Trees.
One of my favourites of his.
A Flame Tree on the drive home from my work.
There are a lot of Flame Trees on the drive home from work to my house and this song often comes on the radio on my drive home.
Apart from the Chem-trails destroying my lungs, the wine wrecking my liver and Jimmy sending me deaf, I think I had a pretty good 
Day on the Green.

UPDATE: 15/11/2014 
 I was down in my favourite Aussie town yesterday and found a Flame Tree in the Bangalow Hotel car-park. Well, it looked similar to me, so I'll call it a flame tree, even though it probably isn't one at all.

UPDATE: 16/11/2014
On the way back home from the shops today I went past the Flame Tree I wrote about in the post above and as I was approaching it in my car I was thinking here is the Flame Tree I photographed and wrote about the other day, and soon as I was about to pass it, the song Flame Trees started playing on my car radio...I kid you not.
But the really weird thing was it finished soon as I got into my driveway and switched off the ignition.
So, I learned that my house is 4:25 minutes from my home.
The station I was listening too was 98.9 FM
which is the station I mainly have on in the car, to and from work.
I had no idea this song was going to come on and especially just as I was passing this particular tree.
 These kind of syncs blow my mind, no matter how many times they happen to me.
They feel quite spooky in a way.

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  1. Wow. I like white noise. This has echoes of the sixties music. Looks like it was a gratifying time for you, Daz. I'm envious!