" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 6, 2014

Kate Holden and (Saint) Lucy

I bought the above book on the Friday of the  
Byron Bay Writer's Festival after attending the talk called 
"The Ethics of Memoir" and featuring the authors, 
Poe Ballantine, Robin Hernly, Kate Holden and David Leser.
The talk was chaired by Janet Steele.
Robin Hernly, Poe Ballantine, Kate Holden and David Leser.
The talk was chaired by Janet Steele (far left)

I didn't know much about any of these authors before that Friday and I was only attending the "The Ethics of Memoir" talk to see  
Poe Ballantine and find out more about him and then to follow him to the signing tent to get my copy of his book, that I had bought that morning signed.
David Leser at the Byron Bay Community Centre Saturday August 2nd, 2014.
I was also interested in learning more about David Leser, as I had a ticket to see him interview Richard Clapton on the Saturday night of that weekend at the Byron Bay Community Centre.
Kate Holden's book is about her early life as a sex worker and her battle with heroin addiction and Kate discussed this book during the "The Ethics of Memoir" talk.
Kate Holden pictured on the inside cover of "In My Skin".
I was really impressed by Kate's part of the talk about her life the book covers.
Heroin is a drug I despise, not that I've tried it, or ever would for recreational purposes, it's just that I have seen it rip apart so many talented lives including family members of my own. 
I know any drug, or addiction can destroy lives, but to me heroin is in a class of it's own.
That said, I'm not judging people who have used it...or are using it, as some of my biggest heroes were addicts to this drug at some point in their lives.
People like John Lennon, Paul Kelly and Steve Kilbey, to name a few of the talented people I admire and who confessed to using the drug in their lives at some stage.
Well, here is a synchronicity and I swear this link just came through to me as I got to this part of the post.
Steve Kilbey has just given a frank interview on the ABC about his years of heroin addiction and how it ruined his life.
The Church frontman Steve Kilbey reveals his story of redemption, past successes and future projects
Still, I hate the drug and what it does to communities and families and I just see it for the menace that it is, as far as I'm concerned.
Some don't see the dangers of using this drug until it's way too late.
Saint Lucy
Anyway, I decided to get a copy of Kate Holden's book "In My Skin" and I went to the signing tent to get in line for Poe Bronson to sign my copy of his book for me.
And since I was right up the front of the line I was also near some of the other authors from the "The Ethics of Memoir" talk.
One of them was Kate Holden and I wished I had purchased the book earlier, as I could have gotten her to sign it there and then.
I told her I enjoyed the talk and that I will buy a copy of her book and get it signed by her later on in the weekend of the festival...
which I did as you can see from the photo of the signed book up at the top of this post.
Kate was very easy to talk to and seemed quite sincere with what she had to say, not just to me, but anyone she talked to while I was there waiting for Poe.

St. Lucy Catholic Holy Medal & Charm Necklace 

Patron Saint of Writers Journalist

Kate reminded me in some ways of my son's ex-girlfriend, who was named Lucile (Lucy).
And I am in no way implying anything to do with Kate's old profession and my son's ex-girlfriend when I mention that.
I just mean the way Kate talked, looked and acted at the Writer's festival reminded me of Lucile.
But here is the real kicker that I didn't find out until reading 
Kate's memoir,"In My Skin"
Kate used the name Lucy as her working name on the streets and in the brothel.
Darren Hanlon and Missy Higgins at the BBWF Aug 1st, 2014.
Oddly enough, Missy Higgins mentions Kate on page 77 

of her new "Oz" book/album, as an inspiration for 
Missy's reworking of "The Angels" song "No Secrets".

I wrote an earlier post about seeing Missy's talk about her book launch announcement at the BBWF on the Sunday at this link -
Missy Higgins Has a New Oz Album on the Way...
And That's Not All
I've also written quite a lot of posts involving Lucy in a synchronistic / synchromystic way, as regular readers of this blog would know.
Lucy: Into the Storm?
The Iceman Cometh in March Sync
Statue of St. Lucy at Saint Leonard of Port Maurice Church in the North End of Boston
Yes, and I know some of my regular readers are once again rolling their eyes at my mention of those old posts, but I think they are worth a second look ;-)
Anyway, it was lovely talking to Kate and reading her 
"eye opening" book about being a sex worker with a heroin habit to to speak, but I feel there are bigger and better books yet to come from Kate and feel she has a lot to give the world with her future literary offerings.
I think Kate is more of a saint than a sinner, in my book. 
 And I think most people who read her warts and all book will see that for themselves.

Chris Bracey, neon sign designer and collector, dies at 59

Great meeting and listening to you Kate.
Still another Missy Higgins post to come about her Saturday talk in Byron, and also Missy's Brisbane concert that I attended.
So stay tuned.


Mike Perry said...

You seem to meet some fascinating people at Byron Bay festivals. Interesting that you say Kate is more of a saint than a sinner, I can understand what you mean by this.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Yeah Mike,Kate is one of the nicest people you could meet and talk to,but reading about her earlier life on the streets is a whole other
(and mostly disturbing)
For me it would have been a living hell to live through what she did.
In fact I know that I wouldn't have lived through it with my personality.
I would have topped myself for sure.

Dennis said...

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Dennis said...

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