" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 17, 2015

Strange Coincidences Around Black Friday/Valentine's Day?

Steve Strange who is probably most remembered for the hit song 
Fade to Grey that he sang in the band Visage, passed away on February the 12th this year.
Strange suffered a heart attack while in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. 
He died later that day in hospital, which was the same date the film Fifty Shades of Grey hit the cinema screens of my home country, Australia.
Although in a lot of countries around the world, including Steve Strange's native country, the UK, it opened on Friday the 13th of February.
The idea for opening the film around this date was to cash in on 
Valentine's Day "movie going" crowds around the globe.
Oh, and this photo above reminded me that Fifty Shades of Grey was released just as The Year of the Horse was about to end and 
The Year of the Goat  was about to start.
 Something to bear in mind is that Dakota (Rosemary's Baby / Dakota building?) Johnson, star of Fifty Shades of Grey was in a movie called Goats.
And Dakota is in the forthcoming movie Black Mass.
2015 (XV?) The Year of the Goat?
Also, I thought it was a coincidence that the new Premier of Queensland  is a woman named Annastacia Palaszczuk  (born 25 July 1969) and Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele in the movie  
50 Shades of Grey.
After the defeat of the Newman (new man?-) government in the 2015 election, Palaszczuk became the first woman in Australia to become Premier of a state from Opposition. 
She was sworn in as Queensland's Premier on 14 February 2015 (Valentine's Day).
Annastacia Palaszczuk assumed office
14 February 2015
 But wait, there's more.
A chocolate king dies on Valentine’s Day: 
Billionaire behind Nutella, Kinder Eggs and Ferrero Rocher dead at 89.
Born on April 26 1925, Michele Ferrero inherited the company in 1949 on the death of his father. 
Under his aegis, it expanded relentlessly in the second half of the 20th century, opening factories in Germany in 1956 and France in 1958; 
other European plants followed, before the business gained a presence in America, Canada, Australia and Asia. 
Kinder chocolates were introduced in 1968; 
Tacs a year later; and Ferrero Rocher in 1982. 
Kinder Surprise (or Kinder Eggs), hollow chocolate eggs containing small toy figurines, were introduced in Europe in 1989 and were an immediate success.
Chocolate heart from designer Naoto Fukasawa.

Steering Synchronicity by Surprise

Dr Kirby Surprise on Synchronicity
But wait, there are still some Strange coincidences to come.
Benedict Cumberbatch confirms Valentine's Day marriage
Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed his marriage to Sophie Hunter.
The actor's spokeswoman told Newsbeat the couple got married on Valentine's Day, and added that "it was a magical day".
The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony with family and close friends on the Isle of Wight.
Cumberbatch (of chocolate?-) is going to play Dr.Stephen Strange in his next movie.
 The Imitation Game star Benedict Cumberbatch has finalized his deal to play Doctor Strange, giving Marvel’s Kevin Feige the distinction of having another world class actor to play in his superhero sandbox. 
Deadline revealed back in late October that Marvel had set its sights on the British actor who has become an awards season front runner for his The Imitation Game performance as Alan Turing, the genius who cracked the Nazi’s unbreakable Enigma Code, shortening WWII by two years. 
He was tragically prosecuted for being homosexual and chemically castrated, in one of the great injustices of the 20th Century.
With, or without nuts?-)
18th February, 2015 (Ash Wednesday)
It's Ash Wednesday over here in Oz and I was just thinking how strange that Ash Wednesday should coincide with the last day of the Year of the Horse and usher in the Year of the Goat.
"At least 16 people have been killed and 78 injured after a carnival float hit power lines in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince on the second day of an annual festival, officials say.
The float caught fire after it hit a high-voltage overhead power cable, witnesses said.
Video of the incident appeared to show the electric cable catch the head of a singer from popular Haitian hip-hop band Barikad Crew.
The rap group's star singer, who goes by the name Fantom, was struck directly by the fallen cable and is in a critical condition, the website Haiti Press Network said.
Seven people were reported dead on the float, and others were killed in the ensuing panic.
The government said the accident happened near the city centre on the Champ de Mars at around 2:48am (local time), on the second day of the carnival as tens of thousands of people watched."

Haiti carnival accident: At least 16 dead, 78 injured as carnival float hits power line in Port-au-Prince

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  1. What you've pointed out is a really good sync. My suspicious mind was in overdrive yesterday about all this because I read that Steve Strange was in a 'disorientated state' at the holiday resort and was, according the UK gutter press, 'ranting that someone was trying to kill him for days'! So, in essence, something weird happened, call it a self-fulfilling prophesy or who-knows-what, because he is now dead? LoL in the most sad and ironic way!