" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 7, 2015

JIMMY WEBB on Radio8Ball: February 02, 2015

Andras Jones has a brand new Radio8Ball broadcast 
featuring songwriting great Jimmy Webb.
Jimmy was on his way to Seattle to perform at Jazz Alley 
and agreed to join Andras and guests for an hour of musical divination. 
JIMMY WEBB on Radio8Ball: February 02, 2015 
with Lisa Jenio, Chris “Sandman” Sand 
& Julie Christensen
At first Jimmy was skeptical of the format but he quickly warmed to it and the stories began to flow. 
Harry Nilsson, Carole Kaye, Johnny Cash, Richard Harris, Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, Linda Rondstadt. 
Jimmy’s worked and played with all of ‘em.
 Listening back to this episode just a couple of days after recording it, Andras said that there are so many wonderful syncs that never get mentioned on the show.
And he is right, this was one mind-blowing audio show and you can listen to it for free by clicking on the big red link above.
And here are the 8 songs in the Jimmy Webb Pop Oracle deck:
1. Sleepin’ In The Daytime (from “Words & Music” – 1970)  
2. Paper Cup (by The 5th Dimension – 1967)  
3. PF Sloan (from “Words & Music” – 1970)  
4. Wichita Lineman (from “Ten Easy Pieces” – 1996)  
5. Galveston (from “Letters” – 1971)  
6. Just Like Marilyn (by Julie Christensen – 2004)  
7. Highwayman (by Sandman w/Calvin Johnson, Giles O’Dell & Andras Jones – 2008)
8. Once Before I Die (from “Words & Music – 1970)
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For those of you who don't know who Jimmy Webb is, or the songs he wrote, here are a few of his songs sung by artists who made his songs hits.

I thought it was funny at the start of the Radio8ball show when Jimmy says synchronicity doesn't seem to happen that often,
and then it just doesn't stop happening for pretty much the whole show. :-)
Andras was the guy who inspired me to buy tickets to 
Freedman Does Nilsson last year with all his enthusiasm for Harry Nilsson songs and I wrote this rather synchy post about my night at the museum in August last year -
Brisbane Does Love its EKKA...and Starr's EKKA Paintings

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