" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 11, 2015

Dan Sultan Hits a Hole in One at the Powerhouse

Dan Sultan playing on The Powerhouse stage last night
I saw Dan Sultan play live for the first time in my life last night in Brisbane at The Powerhouse, and for a guy that said he was so nervous about making par when he performed, well I personally think he sunk a hole in one when it comes to golfing analogies.
Probably not a good idea to play with your organ when you have a hole in your pants?-)
I'm not a golfer by the way, and the analogy above, although very true in my opinion, came to mind because Dan started the show sitting down saying that he usually does his shows standing up  

(which was funny because there were stand up comedians performing on the night in the other theatres at the Powerhouse), but tonight he had a hole in his pants, so decided sitting down was the best option.
But as my photos above show maybe that wasn't the best option either?-)
The Pierce Brothers supporting Dan Sultan last night at The Powerhouse
I have to mention also Dan's support act on the night, 
The Pierce Brothers.
These guys were a mind-blowing act in themselves and it's amazing none of these guys have lost a finger yet with such a dangerous hard hitting performance like they gave us last night.
With the kind of energy you could harness in this act it was no wonder they were playing in an old powerhouse.
I didn't have much money to spend on the night but after hearing 
The Pierce Brothers perform, I managed to scrape up enough change to by their EP, which after listening to it this morning, I'm glad I did buy it.
Great night out all round and money well spent.
Now I'm looking forward to seeing Dan play 
Bluesfest with Paul Kelly on Easter Monday.
Just get that hole in your pants fixed before then please Dan;-)

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