" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 21, 2015

Some Days are Rocks, Some Days are Diamond?

I wrote a post last year called -
Love on the Rocks...A Fool's Journey? 
and yes, I deliberately referenced Neil Diamond's song 
Love on the Rocks, while writing that post.
I even included the You Tube at the top of this post in that post, 
as it had some wonderful beach imagery in the clip.
I must say that when I went to Wikipedia to get some information about the song right now, I did find this paragraph quite amusing, as the title of my blog is "Watching the Wheels Go Round", named after perhaps my all time favourite musician John Lennon's song
(right next to Bruce Springsteen that is...I'll make it a tie).
""Love on the Rocks" is a song written by Neil Diamond and Gilbert Bécaud that appeared in the 1980 movie The Jazz Singer and was performed by Diamond on the soundtrack album to the film. 
It was also released as a single and reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks in January 1981, during the five-week reign of (Just Like) Starting Over by John Lennon. 
Neil Diamond biographer Laura Jackson describes the lyrics as taking "a sometimes cynical look at a man who is trapped in a relationship and is disillusioned with life."
Love on the Rocks (Neil Diamond song)

Neil Diamond: Live in Concert

Tue 3 & Thu 5 Nov 2015

I bought a ticket the other day to Neil's 2nd Brisbane concert (Thursday 5 Nov, 2015), as I have never seen/heard him play live before.

And since he hasn't been to Australia for 7 years I thought it could be a long time, if ever, that I get the chance to see him play live again.
Then I looked at the date the concert was on and wondered why that date was ringing bells.
Of course all the Back to the Future fans would have known straight away why that date was familiar, and having had to watch all three BTTF films to give my input into the making of this BTTF video below, that is starting to go viral, I should have realized the significance of that date, as well.
 A YouTube video claims ‘Back to the Future’ predicted 9/11 — and that isn’t even the weird part
But I can't help thinking how synchy it is that I write a post about a Neil Diamond song and a year later I'm going to a concert in the month that happens to be my engagement and wedding anniversary's (Nov 11th, engagement, Nov 19th, wedding) and possibly the month my divorce is finalized, too.
Who said the universe doesn't have a sense of humour? 
And at my expense it seems, too.

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