" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 29, 2011

”But Dylan’s Not Dead” ”Oh...Isn’t He?”

Warning: Indigenous Australians are advised that this post includes images and names of people now deceased.
Another "coincidence" that happened to me on Wednesday night involved the movie Paul, which I went to see with my two teenage sons.
The characters were sitting around a campfire, and the alien, Paul, 
starts to pass around a joint while saying,  
this is the stuff that killed Dylan.
Then one of the characters says,but Dylan’s not dead.
Then Paul raises his eyes and says,Oh...Isn’t he?.
My youngest son and I found this really amusing, because less than 24 hours ago, we both were standing from about 50 to 100 feet away from the man himself, at the Byron Bay Bluesfest.
And while he might not be as good as he once was, I can assure you,that he was alive.......................just ;- )
Dylan at Bluesfest, Tuesday Night, Byron Bay.
 I know Bob doesn't like getting his photo taken, but what can you do when your cellphone camera accidentally goes off? 
Seems a shame to delete it ;- )
Another 'coincidence' about my trip to Bluesfest and the movie Paul was that in the film there is a girl wearing glasses, with a dark patch over one eye, that conceals an eye that is all white, because she was born that way from birth.
Paul later on in the movie cures the eye.
The singer who played just before Dylan was a guy named Gurrumul, (see photo below) an Aboriginal singer who was born blind since birth.
And when you see his eyes, there is nothing to see accept the whites of his eyes, like the girl in the movie Paul.
Gurrumul mainly sings in his native language, but one of the last songs he sang was a song in English about being blind since birth. 
It was quite moving, and made me feel lucky that I was blessed with two good eyes.
Here's a YouTube of him singing one of the songs that he sang on the night before Dylan came on.
 He has a hauntingly beautiful voice. 
I tell ya, the more I hear this guy sing, the more I want a copy of his CD...and to think I never would have listened to this guy, if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't want to lose my spot for the Dylan gig.
This is how the universe slaps you across the back of the head and says...PAY ATTENTION!
Bluesfest 2011, at magical Byron Bay in the land of Oz.
 Kate Miller Hiedke playing Bluesfest Monday...but not singing "Comes a Time";- )
Update: May 1st, 2011. 
After watching the above trailer again, I remembered one more sync that linked my visit to Bluefest with this movie.
In the movie (and trailer above) a bird flies into their window, and they stop the camper.
The alien hops out, picks up the bird, and brings it back to life...and then eats it, saying,"Well, I'm not going to eat a dead one, am I?"
This kind of parallels my bird story here;
The Bird that Flew into the Window
But I can assure you that I didn't eat was very much alive, when it flew away.
But the Bluesfest connection is this guy (pictured, below)
Note: see all that mud? 
It cost me a pair of shoes.
When I tried to pull my muddy shoes off, without undoing the laces, I ripped the sole off one, and ended up throwing them in the bin.
But they were my oldest pair, and I got some good mileage out of 'em...even though their sole departed on the night ;- ) 


  1. i haven't heard of this movie...but you've got me on a search for it now. At first i thought you were talking about the documentary "Paul McCartney Really Is Dead"....which totally blew my mind. It's weird because that quote about this stuff killing Dylan is actually said in the documentary. This comment in its entirety is right out of the movie being said with "Faul", the fake Paul. I'm definitely going to have to see the movie Paul...for sure. This must be a direct reference to the whole Paul McCartney conspiracy theory. And that's right up my alley!

    Dylan looks good! Great photo...don't delete it. :D

  2. It's a Simon Pegg movie,and the voice of Paul is done by Seth Rogen.I haven't seen the movie you're talking about,but I am aware of the McCartney rumors.There are a lot of lines from other movies parodied on purpose,so I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a direct reference to the movie you're talking about MG.
    Here's a link to a preview of the movie "Paul".

  3. Very interesting post and I love Gmurrrl's voice too.