" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 1, 2011

Don't Play Monotony?

Leave the job you hate, or play Monotony?
I've got the feeling that there is a distinct theme starting to run through my synchromystic universe at the moment.
I'm just not quite sure which line on this card seems to be talking to me the loudest?-)
Couldn't the universe just give me the winning lotto numbers, first? 
Hey Nat, regarding my comment 
"Maybe the next card will tell me how?-)"
Take a look at what card it was.
Drawn for a second time, I wish my numbers would be?-)
Maybe it will be from a lottery win ...
or maybe it's just the Trickster having some fun with me :-)/)-:
Update: May 3rd 2011:
Here's a pod-cast that I was listening to this morning called;  
Creative Self-Expression from and it's exactly about what the universe is trying to get through my thick skull, I think.
(Time = 30:08, Size = 13.8MB) 
This is what the pod-cast is about  in Steve's own words;
" Many people have been socially conditioned to believe that a career or job should be chosen based how well it pays and how qualified you are to hold it.  
This podcast will explain why that approach is completely backwards.  
Paradoxically by selecting a career based on money and skills, your financial and career results will be but a pale shadow of your potential.  
And even worse than that, you will virtually guarantee long-term unhappiness.  
Going to work each day will become something you only do because you have to, not because you want to, and staying motivated will be very, very hard.
The path for conscious human beings is to focus first and foremost on joyful, creative self-expression.  
That is far more important than money, skill fit, or even contribution to others.  
Your own creativity is the very mechanism by which you’ll achieve everything else you could possibly want — including financial abundance, superior talent, long-term fulfillment, and meaningful contribution."
I think most people would agree with this podcast
- unless they're one of the confirmed living dead *-)

P.S. I came across Steve's website over a year ago when the 11:11 phenomena was driving me nuts. 
I was doing a Google search and came across this article by him;
which led to me reading his blog, buying his book 
(which I'm still reading BTW), and listening to his pod-casts.
And it may well just have been a Godsend?-)


  1. Hi Daz, Thanks for the support. I loved your comment you left about Malachy and Paulo!!!! Wow! I own a few of his books as well.

    In regard to this post, if you want a Nanny's position, I know how to cure your boredom. I cannot guarantee your sanity at the end though. :)

  2. Thanks Nat.
    Unless it involves driving forklifts,I might just take you up on that.-)
    I think the universe is telling me it's time to get creative,and try to live off my creativity...but just how? Is the answer to the question,that I want to know.
    Because I still owe the banksters about 200g.
    Maybe the next card will tell me how.-)

    I'd forgotten it was Malachy that led me to meeting Paulo.They're both great guys.I must have gotten rid of Malachy,s book(it was only worth reading once,anyway.-),but I've still got Paulo's book (the one I didn't like),not that either was autographed at the time.

  3. Daz - I think the synchronistic universe is saying, What's your passion? How can you make a living doing what you love?? I also feel that little kukaburra and those parrots you wrote about after your father in law's death may hold vital clues to this whole thing for you.

  4. I think that you may be right,Trish.But I think the Lorikeet synchro was more for my mother-in-law and wife,than for me.I just happened to be there.It was her idea to watch "Funniest Home Videos",not mine
    (I really think this sync helped her from sinking into deep depression,so it was a Godsend in many ways).
    I normally can't stand the show
    (how many times can you watch a guy getting hit in the nuts "accidentally"?), although,I do have a new respect for it now,especially after reading SQuire Rushnell's book and finding out the sync that he was involved in,with putting the show on air.
    I'm still working on the Sacred Kingfisher,it feels important for some reason,to me...I just don't know in what way,but these things can take time.
    The universe sure is telling me to get creative in some way...I just have to work it out.Maybe some more synchros wouldn't go astray.-)