" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 13, 2013

When The Impossible Happens ... to Me

I had a glance at Mike Perry's latest post this morning and saw he was writing about the library angel.
Roman Britain And The Magic Of Synchronicity
I love this concept as it has worked for me before and I had an inner nudge from somewhere to give this ago, by picking a book I had in my bookcase, but hadn't read yet.
I felt guided to a particular shelf then felt compelled to read  
Stanislav Grof's book When The Impossible Happens.
When I pulled the book out of the shelf I felt a very peaceful feeling come over me...
almost meditative.
But I couldn't help looking at the title and thinking as if anything impossible will happen when I read this book.
Then I had a feeling like the "library angel" was having a laugh and saying "you just wait".
I read through the intro at the front with the same peaceful fascination thinking if only I could bottle this feeling that has come over me right now, I'd make a lot of money.
Then I decided to go outside and read in the sunshine to get some free Vitamin D.
I was reading the chapter photographed above about the famous Joesph Campbell story involving his synchronicity with 
a praying mantis.
" He used to live in Greenwich Village in Manhattan on the 
14th floor of a high-rise building. 
His study had two sets of windows--one was overlooking the Hudson River, which was a very beautiful view and those windows were open much of the time. 
The other two windows faced Sixth Avenue, and they were hardly ever opened. Joseph said those particular windows were only opened a couple of times during the 14 years he lived there.

Joseph was, at the time of this story, working on his
World Encyclopedia of Mythology--in particular, the first volume called The Way of the Animal Powers, a comprehensive encyclopedia of shamanic mythologies of the world. 
And he was specifically working on a chapter on the mythology of the African bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. 
In that mythology, the praying mantis is a central, heroic figure. 
So Joseph was surrounded by all these articles about the
praying mantis and pictures of the praying mantis
Just as he was working on this, he suddenly had this completely irrational impulse to go and open one of the windows on the side that he never opened. 
So he does this and looks out of the window, and he automatically turned his head to the right without really knowing why, and there on the 14th floor of the high-rise building was a great specimen of praying mantis
And Joseph said the praying mantis gave him this meaningful look, and then just continued up the wall. 
So that's a remarkable example of synchronicity, because you don't see many praying mantis in lower Manhattan! "
When I finished reading that incredible sync I thought wouldn't if be freaky if I looked around  now and saw a praying mantis crawling somewhere around me, as I haven't seen one for years.
I looked around and challenged the "library angel" in my mind to produce one now and then I would never doubt in guidance from beyond again.
 But of course reality seemed to take over and say, not on my watch, buddy.
So I went inside and did a few chores.
About an hour later my son was leaving for work and as I looked outside I saw there was some junk mail in the letter box and it looked like it was about to rain, so I went out and pulled the mail out of the letter box ... and when I did, something started crawling up my arm.
When I looked down to see what it was, I found out it was a
baby praying mantis.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I thought no one is going to believe something I can barely believe myself, I wish I had a photo of this.
So I thought I'd see how far I could get without the mantis jumping off my arm.
To my astonishment it made no effort to flee and it happily posed for as many photos as I cared to take of it.
It even seemed to be posing for me as if it knew this was something it was meant to do.
This is truly my best synchronicity yet.
And this book is shaping up to be my best read yet.
I can understand people thinking this can't be true, but I am willing to be strapped to a lie detector and tell the same story and I will pass no problems.
Yes Mike, there really is a library angel ... that seems to have a thing for praying mantises.
And believe me I haven't seen a praying mantis for years around my house, so this appearance today knocked my socks off. 

 UPDATE: 17/11/13
Sent to me via the link in the comments section below by King UKe.
I think that's enough mantises keeping their eye on me for now, anymore and I'll be reaching for the insect repellent, I think.


  1. Ha! Darren, this is fantastic!

    Look at the little bugger posing on the book. Awesome.

  2. You said the synchro was a good one and it certainly is!

    What I find extra interesting is that you challenged the 'library angel'. I've always fekt that we can create synchros - as a by-product of 'visualising' or 'asking'.

    I think you've touched on something important there.

  3. @Mike
    The thing is I don't feel that I created anything,I just felt like it was a prearranged event in my life like a gateway event somehow,it's hard to describe but it's like all the events just lined up and I was caught in the current of life.It was like "Ok you've got me to read about a mantis and now to ram home the point,I guess you are going to produce one for me out of the blue ?" It seemed more of a precognitive event that I was living through than any request on my part.
    If I was really going to challenge the "library angel" I would have asked for a million dollars in the lotto draw for that night instead of a praying mantis.
    All I can say is that I know how Jung and Campbell felt,like the universe was confirming I was on the right track,even though I feel my life is going to shit in many ways.I've always followed my intuition as guidance through life and was beginning to seriously doubt it lately.This seemed to confirm that I should stay on the ride and just go with it,as I'm not the only one on it.
    Which reminds me,I have to check my lotto numbers from last night's draw...surely I couldn't be that lucky though ?-)

  4. We don't get praying mantises in the uk which is a real shame because they are great! Let's hope this is the start of a winning streak for you!

  5. @King Uke
    They are weird comical little creatures,that's for sure.
    Mind you they have weird sex lives.The male gets his head bitten off by the female after copulating,which in hindsight when I look at most marriages may be just speeding up the inevitable anyway.
    I need a "financial angel" more than a "library angel" at the moment,as the female in my relationship seems about to be going to bite my head off.

  6. Wow, this may be better than sylvester and digging in the dirt! The library angel comes through again...but I suspect this may prove to be an incredible turning point for you, Daz. Really awesome.

    And I'm getting this Grof book, which I didn't know about!

  7. Just downloaded it. This looks fantastic!

  8. Interesting what you write in your comment. I've noticed though that 'demands' and 'requests' arrive after we have forgotten them. For success I've found we have to visualise and/or state and then release the thought completely - and this seems to be what you did, as you write "But of course reality seemed to take over and say,not on my watch,buddy.
    So I went inside and did a few chores."
    When we switch off the universe can get to work.

  9. @Mike
    It was only natural after reading about a praying mantis sync like Campbell's to to wonder if one might turn up in my own life.
    I can't explain this event in words,I guess the best way to explain it was right from the time I selected the book to the appearance of the mantis was like I had come to some predetermined part of my life and just went with it rather than asked for a mantis,I just had the feeling one was going to show up somehow to confirm what I had read in the book.It had nothing to do with me producing anything,the whole sequence of events just felt like me going through the motions that were happening outside of my influence.It was like an outside influence was guiding me in someway...whatever that was.
    It would be like an "angel" telling you what lotto numbers were going to be drawn on Saturday night and then you playing them,rather than you willing the numbers to come out of the barrel and producing the result yourself.I can tell you for certain that the appearance of the mantis and the sequence of events had nothing to do with me producing them,I was only a passenger along for the ride.That's what it felt like to me anyway.
    My ego would much rather have pulled a million dollar cheque out of the mailbox than a mantis.-)

  10. Understand what you are saying, there are times when we 'know' something will happen.

    At other times though it can be difficult to distinguish what comes first our own thoughts or the happening.

  11. Well, yeah, there's that million dollar check, somewhere....

  12. Just keeping an eye on you Daz...

  13. Just seen on Trish & Rob's blog about your new employment - great news, hope it goes well for you.

  14. Thanks Mike.
    I hope it works too,it seems ideal for what I need at the moment.It basically fell into my lap as well.
    It's actually part of that blue car dream,but I can't go into it over the net without compromising my family privacy,too much.
    If the next part comes true as per the dream,I'll be over the moon.

  15. Job! Congrats! This can only be a good thing

  16. @KU
    A job is good,but a lotto win would be better any day.

  17. Great sync up, love the pet mantis pics :D

  18. I agree with you VH they are great pics under the rushed circumstances and bad 2 Meg Ericson cell phone camera I had to use.I wish they had of turned out with a sharper focus,but I'm glad this guy didn't even attempt to fly away.It's great to have photographic proof to back up a story even though skeptics will pull out all sorts of BS from their fling bag of manure to poo-poo this post I'm sure.As I say above,I'm quite prepared to be hooked up to a lie-detector and tell this story and I will win.Funny thing is I haven't seen a praying mantis around since that day so far.