" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 27, 2014

There is No R in Noah ... But R There Aliens?-)

Thanks to my two Sync-head friends Jake Kotze  
(for the posters of his I defaced) 
and Joe Alexander for his excellent Star Gate of Oz video above.
Cheers guys.
Checkout Peter Weir's (Master and Commander) great 1977 movie 
The Last Wave, if you get a chance.
One of my all time favourites ... even with the corny acting, at times. 

The Last Wave

And how about this for art imitating life?
Noah opens in Brisbane cinemas today and look at the forecast for my hometown.
Brisbane weather warning: flash flooding possibly on Thursday afternoon
And who said that there was no i in "team"?-)
There is an R in "Tugger" though;-)
Following the white rabbit can be a bit of a nightmare I guess.
Thanks to King Uke for making this picture for me:-)
Maybe it's time to follow a good football club Rus?
Go the ShAAAHHHHHHrkies!
Or should I say ShARKs?-)
Crowe is also a New Zealander who grew up in Australia, so you might say he is more of an Austr-alien than an Australian? 

UPDATE: 28th November, 2014
Weird, since the day Noah opened in Brisbane the weather forecast is 
nothing but rain and potential flooding for the Brisbane area for the next week.
Here's a shot from the Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper. 
Click on photos to make them bigger
Big wet hits Southeast Queensland: roads cut, flash flooding, massive rainfall
UPDATE: 29th March, 2014. 
Russell is certainly a sync magnet right now.
UPDATE: 29th March. 2014.
I saw the movie Noah today.
I'm not really into Biblical myths, but I enjoyed this movie.
My advice is go see it.
If you are a sync-head like me you are bound to like it, too.


  1. I know a lot about Crowe, ask me anything! BTW What is The Significance of R? ;-) xx

  2. AHH,good one ... ;-)
    Notice that I also worked ... into the title post as well as a sign-ificant R or two ?-)

  3. Loved The last Wave!
    I suspect you'll see Noah before we do. Hope you do a post. Interesting synchro about the movie and Brisbane weather!