" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 5, 2014

Black Sea of Oz?

I was looking at a map of the Black Sea where this conflict between Russia and the Ukraine is playing out, and being an Aussie myself I couldn't help noticing that the Black Sea region looks like a map of Oz (Australia) with the tip of Queensland broken off and Tasmania adrift under the Black Swan state of Western Australia.
Sochi would correspond with my hometown of
Brisbane on this distorted Australian map:-)
That image above is the actual police badge of Western AustraliaI kid you not.
Yes, an upside-down five-pointed star for all you guys out there that think Satan is real.
Personally, I think Satan is just a PR stunt the Church launched to frighten gullible people ... not to say that there aren't evil minded bastards out there believing this crap on the wrong side of the Church's teachings, including pedophiles within the Church itself, but Satan is just a myth to me ... and people love killing in the name of great myths, don't they?
Remember ... Iraq having weapons of mass destruction
Alecia Beth Moore Hart (Pink) was the most popular performer in Oz (Australia) in 2013
Alecia (Alice?) in Wonderland ... or Oz?

Pink’s Oscar Performance: Diva Shines 

During ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Tribute

 "The Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann has teamed up with vodka brand Absolut to create a limited edition bottle celebrating Australia,  Absolute Oz"
Click to make image bigger, if you can't read the writing
The quote above I like, and it is from a book I own, 
and I do in no way imply Frater U.D. as being a Satanist.
I thought I should clear that up right now.
Baz Luhrmann's wife picked up two Oscars on the night for her work on Baz's movie The Great Gatsby and rightly so, but remember it was just about all filmed in Sydney, Australia (Oz).
Sydney Harbour Bridge on NYE 2013/14
3.14 = Pi 
 Hmm ... what was Baz's last movie before Gatsby
Let's not forget that the star of Baz's film Australia also played Alice in one of my favorite Kubrick movies, Eyes Wide Shut.
And speaking of Western Australia being the black swan state and  
Darren Aronofsky's first film Piwhat about his film Black Swan? 
I also had the privilege of seeing a new film Tracksstarring Mia Wasikowska (Alice) from Alice in Wonderland.
In the movie Tracks Mia Wasikowska plays real life adventurer Robyn Davidson, who sets out from Alice Springs to walk right through the desert of the Black Swan state, Western Australia.
Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman just starred in the above picture together, as well.
Getting back to the movie Tracks though, it is the true tale of 
Robyn Davidson who did this trek in the 70's across the desert of WA.
Davidson and Wasikowska

Queen of the desert: Mia Wasikowska 

brings Robyn Davidson's tale to life

There have been several false starts on Tracks' journey to the screen. 
In earlier versions, actresses proposed for the lead role included 
Australians Judy Davis and Nicole Kidman, as well as American actress Julia Roberts.
In the movie Tracks, as well as in real life, a black dog was along for most of the trip through the desert.
A Black Dog is also used as a metaphor for depression in popular culture and this film does have a subtext of the depression the main character had throughout her journey and life.
Robyn's mother hung herself when Robyn was young and the dog theme is a very important part of the story.
On another dark note, the weekend before I saw this film, a former model had just hung herself after years of battling what some termed in the media as, "the black dog of depression".

Charlotte Dawson

Black Dog, Black Swan, Black Sea...
seems to be a theme running through this post, don't you think?
And then for Australian viewers of the live coverage of the Oscars on channel Nine, you would have seen this ad for an Australian magazine article about the actress from Red Dog and her violent marriage.
The movie Red Dog also takes place in the Western Australian desert.

Red Dog and the 

Sacred Kingfisher /

Tree/ Owl 


Rachael Taylor was also in the movie The Darkest Hour
"In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race who have attacked Earth via our power supply."

Red Dog 

Star Koko Dies

Pharrell Williams left the Oscars after his red shoe
 (there's no place like home?) 
performance and headed down-under for his tour of Australia.
The photo of the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds
I took a few years ago
He was to play the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds’ Marquee on
March 12th, 2014, but has since changed venues to sell more tickets.
 "One of the biggest musical names in the world right now 
(just check out the Australian singles chart…)
\Pharrell Williams has upgraded his Brisbane venue to meet ticket demand for his upcoming show. 
Williams, who is touring with the Future Music Festival, has moved his Wednesday 12 March show from RNA Showgrounds’ Marquee to the Riverstage. 
Promoters Frontier Touring said the move was made after “unprecedented demands”. 
Tickets to The Marquee will now be valid at the Riverstage and new tickets are on sale now."
Pharrell Names New Brisbane Venue
 The song Happy was written for the movie Despicable Me 2.
I wrote a post about that movie here -
St. Kevin, Hollywood, 42 and Reflection

We Need to Talk

 About Kevin

We need to talk 

about Kevin

... Rudd, that is

Kievan Rus/Kevin Rudd?
"The Kievan Rus was a powerful empire during the Middle Ages centered around the city of Kiev
It served as the foundation and beginning of both Russia and the Ukraine
Today Kiev is the capital city of the Ukraine."
Marine charts - Black Sea - Satellite - 
1920x1080 (16:9)
The people of Rus were originally Vikings from the land of Sweden who migrated to Eastern Europe in the 800s. 

They established a small kingdom under the rule of King Rurik
The Rurik Dynasty would rule the Rus for the next 900 years.  
Establishment of the Kievan State

In 880, King Oleg moved the capital of the Rus from Novgorod to Kiev

This was the start of the Kievan Rus
King Oleg led the Rus in many conquests including raids against Byzantium and Constantinople
Eventually, Oleg established peace with the Byzantine Empire 
and the Kievan Rus began to prosper.

My Philomena 


Syncy Sunday

Golden Age
The Golden Age of the Kievan Rus began with the rule of Vladimir the Great in 980 and continued through the rule of Yaroslav the Wise

During this time the kingdom experienced prosperity, economic growth, and peace.  

Vladimir the Great
Vladimir the Great ruled the Kievan Rus from 980 to 1015

He continued the expansion of the Kievan Rus, uniting many of the Slavic states under one rule. He also converted the Rus to Christianity
This conversion strengthened his ties to Constantinople and the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Yaroslav the Wise
After Vladimir the Great died, his son Yaroslav the Wise became king
The Kievan Rus reached their peak during his reign. 
Yaroslav married many of his daughters and sons to surrounding nations in order to maintain peace and establish trade relations. 
He also established a written code of laws, built a library in Kiev, and promoted education among his people. 

The Kievan Rus began to decline after Yaroslav the Wise died. 
In the 13th century, the Mongols invaded the land and brought an end to the united Kievan Rus

Kievan Rus
"Coincidentally, Mr Rudd’s family also has Russian ties.
His sister Loree, who lives in Queensland, has spent time in Russia and speaks the language fluently.
In 1991, after studying Russian, she traveled to Russia for three months and then returned to live there for several years.
She came back to Australia to help her brother with his election campaign and then went back to Russia
She now lives in Nambour, Queensland."
Kevin Rudd clarifies details of his trip to Eastern Europe
"KEVIN Rudd has moved to clarify details of his trip to Eastern Europe amid disquiet over his perceived role as “self-appointed peace envoy” in the Crimea crisis
Mr Rudd, who has insisted the trip is unrelated to the tensions between the nations, this morning confirmed he was in Moscow and had been invited to attend a conference in Kiev. 
Mr Rudd arrived this week in Moscow, where it was reported he would talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s advisers."
Kevin Rudd at the church opposite
cinema in my St. Kevin post

St. Kevin, Hollywood,

 42 and Reflection

UPDATE: 29th March, 2014.
An interesting clip from the movie Man of Steel highlighting the South Indian Ocean.

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