" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 2, 2014

Stillways: A Memoir

Steve Bisley and Mel Gibson in Mad Max.
Steve Bisley is an Australian actor best known perhaps for playing a cop in the movie Mad Max named Jim Goose.
His most recent mainstream role was as Dan Cody in 
The Great Gatsby.
I've already written a few posts on this blog about my path crossings with Steve's and when I purchased my copy of Stillways -
The Steve Bisley Sync: BBWF 
Well, I finally got around to finishing Steve's book about a week before The Bangalow Billycart Derby day, where Steve was in the celebrity race on the day.
Steve Bisley at the top of the hill before the race.

Steve acting the "goose" at the bottom, after the race.
I like to encourage writers, and as I had seen Steve hanging around the BBWF for the last few years, I bought this book thinking this was probably going to be a rather lame read from an actor who is just a wanna-be author flogging his childhood story, because he couldn't think of anything else to write.
Boy, were my suspicions wrong.
This was a great book, not only because it dredged memories from Steve's past for us readers to imagine about, as he told his story, but because for most reader's around my age (49) he was bringing up memories that were common to our childhood, as well.
Also, the way he related his memories to us, the readers, was as if he was seeing the world through the eyes of  the child he was before he could think like the adult he now is as the author of the book.
It works well, because the naivety of the child describing the world in his words to us also makes the observations he sees seem rather wise in ways adults don't seem to see while life goes on around them.
The humour and sadness is from the heart in this book, which makes the stories between the pages even more compelling to take into our own hearts.
It's hard not to feel the wonder, pain, sadness, disappointment, warmth, humour and love in the young Steve Bisley's heart as you read along with his words.
The carpet python I saw on my bushwalk, eating a possum.
Steve tells of being fascinated at seeing a carpet python slowly devour a possum in his backyard shed, which brought back my own memories of witnessing the same thing on a bushwalk and watching the spectacle for over an hour before resuming the walk.

Don't leave home without having a toilet near by.
One weekend when I was reading Stillways I had decided to flush my system out, so to speak, using a product that moves like the wind at my workplace, pardon the pun...and other things that may be brought up, as well in this post ;-)

I had been told stories of what you could expect using  
Colon Cleanse if you were to venture outside the home not knowing where the next "port of call" might be, so I grabbed a book and stayed around the house that day...
and I was relieved that I did.
I was thinking how terribly embarrassing it would be if you needed to go this badly out in public and didn't make it into port on time, so to speak.
Next chapter I read after a having a good cleanse and envisioning public embarrassment because of a lack of bowel control when using this product was the chapter where Steve messes his pants the first week of high school when he and other school members come down with a bad stomach bug.  
Pages 168-169 of Stillways.
And trust an actor to have an intermission break around midway of his story.

The real power of this book  for me though was how Steve Bisley lowers all the masks from Steve Bisley "the actor" and shows us readers a bit of "Steve Bisley" the person.
Steve 'Jim Goose' Bisley on Mad Max and Australian film.
So, if you love to read a good book, here's another one for your bookshelf.
Steve isn't a wanna-be author, this book proves he is the real deal.
Buy a copy.
You won't be sorry.
Steve Bisley's childhood memoir Stillways
I wouldn't blame you if you wouldn't buy a car off this man, but I can assure you his book is no lemon.


Mike Perry said...

Sounds an interesting memoir though I don't know much about Steve Bisley. I do know about a colon-cleanse though! Had to have one when they were doing tests on me before going for surgery - yikes!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

My mother had colon cancer a few years back and had to get a large part of her colon surgically removed.
She seems to be doing OK at the moment,touch wood.
I've heard a cleanse like this is good to remove potential toxins that get trapped in the colon and can turn cancerous,so I gave it a go.I'd rather take the medicine though the mouth than the end it comes out.
It's not too bad using this stuff.It's not painful,just inconvenient.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love this sequence of synchros. It's funny how our lives can cross paths with people like Bisley, and for the oddest reasons.

And, well, then there's the colon cleanse.

Mike Perry said...

Hope your mother does okay.

That carpet python photo is something we wouldn't see over here, all we have are grass snakes (harmless) and a few adders (though I've never seen one)

Peapo said...

Just started reading your blog. Looks very interesting. Can't wait to go back and read through it in it's entirety. Cheers.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Thanks Peapo,but as I have written on the side bar trying to explain what this blog is about,it's -
"A blog journal to record my weird synchronicites and thoughts on life, and to save little puzzle pieces here in the hope that they may connect further on down the track. More for my own amusement,than for anybody else. Some things will only make sense to me personally,and some things may effect your life,too.But feel free to read,anyway."

So it's a bit like a personal diary of my observations on life,as I see it.You might end up scratching your head with some of the posts,as a lot are just written on the fly by an education poor blogger. I hope it makes enough sense to you though.