" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 10, 2014

The Godmind of the Guardian Angel: The Deeper Knowing Mind?

When I click my fingers you will wake up and think you're not a fool.
I am the Eg(0) man?
I was in the middle of a dream the other morning with my consciousness fully focused on the dream and then I got this other conscious message from somewhere else that my alarm clock was about to go off to wake me up.
I opened my eyes, looked at my clock, reached my arm out to push the alarm button before it could go off, but it just started sounding as I was about to hit it.
I probably wouldn't have thought that much about it, but this was about the third time this week "I" had done this, with like two seconds to spare.
So, if the thinking part of me is fully focused on a dream and another seemingly outside consciousness tells me my alarm is about to go off with literally a few seconds to spare, if any, then what is this seemingly super-intelligent other part of me that seems to be so far in the background of my consciousness as to seem like another God-like entity?
This same "voice" once literally saved me from going under a truck at a set of lights when I was about twenty years old, when a truck ran a red light and I had the green.
Normally I would have just taken off on the green not even looking to think a car...
or truck would be running a red light.
I remember sitting at the green light and watching the truck run right through my green light, horrified that I should have been under it.
I remember thanking whatever that intelligence was, 
but wondering if it just wasn't some higher part of myself.  
To me it was no different to whatever alerted me to my alarm clock about to go off the other morning.
I started to ponder that this "part of the brain" may be what people term their guardian angel, intuition, God, that little voice, etc.
It reminded me of the fool about to step off the cliff in the Tarot.
To me the conscious part of our being is The Fool and the higher intelligent part of our being is like the sun, it can be focused on us, as well as being focused on just about everything else on the planet, even if it has to reflect itself off the moon at night.
I think this part of us is what connects to every living thing in the universe (and maybe beyond) in some way. 
I think this is the part responsible for the synchronicities produced in our lives, like some great cosmic GPS mechanism .
This is what I would term, 
for lack of better words to express the feeling, 
an angel on the shoulder.
To me the "angel on the shoulder" is this God part of our consciousness and the  
"devil on the other shoulder" is the egoistic selfish part of our being that just wants to look out for itself.
To my thinking, this part of the brain is like a communal brain, 
just like the sun is a communal force that seems to be there for me...
my own personal sun to keep me alive...
it is also there to keep you and every living thing on this planet alive.
Of course the Ego/Fool/Joker is free to ignore the dealer's cards and play his own, if he so chooses.
This is free will, which can still work out if the heart is used,
or be a total disaster if played for purely selfish reasons.
Well, that's my theory so far on this journey of mine.
This seems to be the part of the mind at play in idiot savants who make people like you and me look like idiots with their superhuman abilities at mathematics, memorizing facts, drawing, etc.
It also seems to be the part of the mind involved with hypnotism in some way, as well, I feel.

 But I guess, what does this old fool really know about such matters, anyway?

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Mike Perry said...

We do seem to have several parts. Sometimes when talking, I'm actually listening to what I'm saying - as if it's not me speaking (or is that perhaps the real me listening?).

It's all an intertwined mystery.