" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 9, 2014

Red Dog/Blue Dog Sync

Red Dog(?) outside the Bangalow pub on billy-cart derby day, 2014.
I wrote a post the other day about buying a Sydney newspaper on my last trip to Bangalow - 
The Lucky Black Cat Sync 
I wrote I bought it because there were a few interesting stories that caught my eye when I flicked through it, and this was one of them in the photo below -
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The newspaper article says; "The hunt is on for a young canine actor with enough chops to play Red Dog in the just announced follow-up, which is due to begin filming in Western Australia's Pilbara region early next year.
"I don't want to give too much away, but it's a kind of origin story about how the legend of Red Dog was born, where he came from", director Kriv Stenders said.
Stenders who will reunite with producer Nelson Woss, screenwriter Daniel Taplitz and trainer Luke Hura on the $8 million Blue Dog project said no one could replace Koko, the charismatic red cloud kelpie who played the lead in the origanal 2011 film.
"But again without giving too much away, it is a story about a legend.
It's a role that I think another dog out there will be more than able to fill."
Koko, who died in 2012 from congestive heart disease, was discovered during an intensive three-month audition process.
Red Dog Star Koko Dies
 Red Dog was the first independently funded feature in more than two decades to crack the magic $20 million mark at the Australian box office."
And I find it funny that the Red Dog story was on page 7 of the newspaper considering all the 7s in the post about why and how I bought this paper -
The Lucky Black Cat Sync
Page 7?!
The Red Dog outside the Bangalow Hotel, May 18th, 2014
Bangalow Hotel on Billy-cart Derby Day, May 18th, 2014
Bangalow Hotel on Billy-cart Derby Day, May 18th, 2014
I hadn't heard about a sequel to the movie Red Dog on Billy-cart derby day when I took the pictures of what looked to me, a young Red Dog tied up outside the Bangalow Hotel .
It was only on my return on May 31st to Bangalow when I picked up the paper and saw the story that I saw a sequel was in the works, which made me realize what a sync it was to see the dog outside the pub on race day, as there are a lot of personal connections for me to this Red Dog story, in a more than spooky way, as I wrote when I first met the author of the book at the BBWF in 2011 -
Red Dog and the Sacred Kingfisher/Tree/Owl Synchronicity
I like in the interview Kriv says about the Blue Dog movie 
" it's a kind of origin story", because  there is a best of three Rugby League series played between the state I'm from (Queensland) and the state Bangalow is in (New South Wales), called the State of Origin
Blue (New South Wales) state vs Red (Queensland) state.

New South Wales have just won the first game of the 2014 series, as can be seen on the back of the same paper the Red Dog story was in that I bought on May 31st (see the photos below).
Queensland is known as the Sunshine Sate in Australia.
Queensland have won the last 8 series in a row, so being a Queenslander myself you might think I would be happy with that, but the truth is, as anyone who has known me will tell you, when it comes to State of Origin, I've been a Blues supporter for about 25 years.
It's not that I hate the state I live in (which I don't), it's just that I love them both, but my heart feels at home more when I visit New South Wales for some reason that is hard to explain in words.
Pretty soon too, I hope to be living down here once I sort out a few personal issues back in Queensland.
The irony about supporting a blue team and a red team in Australia is quite funny when you consider that in Australia a Red Dog is also known as a "Bluey"
because Australia has a long tradition of calling people with red hair Bluey, or Blue.
Hence the sequel to Red Dog is going to be called Blue Dog, because a red dog in Australia is also known as a blue dog.
So in Australia red is blue, and blue is red.
So really we are all one, anyway.
Something to ponder when watching the next game I guess?
GO THE BLUES!!!  ;-)
Red Dog: Blue Dog film to tell early life of WA's most famous canine


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love that ivdeo clip of the dog and his trainer? Well, whatever, the dog is so cool. You'll be living where your heart is soon, Daz. It feels right.

Mike Perry said...

Calling a red dog blue - interesting!! In case you want another '7' I see that 'I See Red' was released as a 7" vinyl.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Another 7,thanks Mike.
It's not only red dogs they call Blue over here,if you where born with red hair,good chance you'll get Blue,or Bluey as a nick-name at some stage.