" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 7, 2014

The Lucky Black Cat Sync

My winning scratchie and my Bruce Springsteen book.
I was down in the New South Wales town of Bangalow on the last weekend of May checking out potential houses to buy.
The one I went to inspect didn't really push my buttons, but I did see one that did and it had a street number of 7.
The Bangalow Newsagents/Bookstore in the main street.
Inside the Bangalow Newsagent store.
Every time I've been to Bangalow (mainly on Sundays) the newsagents has been closed.
Since it was a Saturday morning, it was open for trade, so I went in to have a look at their books to see if anything would jump out at me.
I eventually came across a biography of Bruce Springsteen facing me on the shelf,
so I picked it up and thumbed through it.
I've always been fascinated by Springsteen and his music and I happen to share the same birth-date as The Boss, so I really wanted to get this book, but was undecided if I should buy it, because $20 out of my budget for the day could leave me short at the end of the day, when I might need it, like the last time I was in Bangalow - 
If Wishes Were Fishes 
I put the book back on the shelf and promised myself I would get it some other time.
I wandered over to the newspapers and picked up a copy of the Sydney Daily Telegraph and flicked through it and saw an interesting story about a black cat riding on a horse, so I decided to buy the paper, as there were a few other interesting stories in there as well.
After picking up the newspaper I went back over to have one more look at the Springsteen book, not knowing whether to buy it then, or buy it some other time.
Right then I heard a familiar voice start singing over the shop's speakers, but I didn't recognize the song.

 It was Bruce singing one of his new ones, which was just a quiet mellow tune.
When I got home and listened to his latest song I thought this must have been it - 
Hunter Of Invisible Game
I hauled myself up out of the ditch
And built me an ark out of gopher wood and pitch
Sat down by the roadside and waited on the rain
I am the hunter of invisible game

Well I woke last night to the heavy clicking and clack
And a scarecrow on fire along the railroad tracks
There were empty cities and burning plains
I am the hunter of invisible game

We all come up a little short and we go down hard
These days I spend my time skipping through the dark
Through the empires of dust I chant your name
I am the hunter of invisible game

Through the bone yard rattle and black smoke we rolled on
Down into the valley where the beast has his throne
There I sing my song and I sharpen my blade
I am the hunter of invisible game

Strength is vanity and time is illusion
I feel you breathing, the rest is confusion
Your skin touches mine, what else to explain
I am the hunter of invisible game

Now pray for yourself and that you may not fall
When the hour of deliverance comes on us all
When our hope and faith and courage and trust
Can rise or vanish like dust into dust
Now there's a kingdom of love waiting to be reclaimed
I am the hunter of invisible game
I am the hunter of invisible game
I am the hunter of invisible game

Once I heard the song I just new I had to buy it then, so I grabbed it and my paper and went to the counter to pay.
When I was paying I decided I should buy one $5 dollar scratchie, as this was the first time I had been inside this shop.
The lady serving me asked which type I wanted and I said any one other than the crossword ones.
She handed me a Black Onyx 7 one to play and I scratched off a win of $12 with the winning symbol being a black cat.
A photo of my winning sratchie with the winning black cat symbol.
 I cashed the ticket in and basically got $7 off my Springsteen book.
Strangely, the cat and horse in the newspaper live in the 
New South Wales country town of Casino, as well.
Painting of the gallery owner's horse before it passed away.
I then went across the road to Windhorse Gallery and picked up a few things that I had my eye on when I was down for the Bangalow Billy-cart Derby day.
I bought the magpie and fairy wren cups (above) and and a leather covered notebook and platypus / Bangalow magnet.
Year of the Horse?
Then I headed back to my car parked next to the old railway tracks that run behind the main street of Bangalow (Byron St.) 
Picture of the old railway tracks I took on a sunny day last year.
and because it was raining, headed down to Byron Bay and saw the wonderful Hugo Weaving movie, Healing.

I couldn't help the feeling that I was on the right track to where I should be heading - Bangalow.
I can see myself living here for sure, soon.


Mike Perry said...

If, as you say, you can see yourself living there, then you will.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I guess it's more of a feeling to me than a visual thing Mike,but as they say,"home is where the heart is",and mine is no longer in Brisbane,or Queensland,for that matter.
The Byron Bay / Bangalow area has always felt like a spiritual home to me.
Right from my first visit to the area I felt like I was home in some strange way and nothing has changed since that day.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

WOW. You are on a journey, Daz, and are going to end up living in the Byron Bay area. And hey, you've got Bruce singing your way there. I love that song.

I didn't see him in our gym this year. He was on tour, I think. The last time I saw him, though, he and his daughter were working out together.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

He was out here at the beginning of the year (around March) Trish,but when the tickets went on sale last year I didn't have a job or the cash to buy them and they sold out pretty quick,so I didn't get to see him.