" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 21, 2014

Synchronize: Episode 07: A Spider in His Hand

09.17.14 Episode 07: A Spider in His Hand
In this issue: Alan and Andras return from the Oly Sync Summit to a world on fire. . . .  
Click here for the full Sync Summit video collection.
Alan Abbadessa-Green delivers an open letter to Henrik Palmgren and Red Ice Creations.
Alan has a conversation with Rabbi Borukh Goldberg, 
author of Spilled Blood, A False God, & Real Estate
a conversation that picks up from 
their July 13th 42Minutes
Clips from the film "Gentleman's Agreement" and 
Jim Morrison lead into Andras Jones' audio essay where he explains 
"We're all a bunch of Jews" . . .  
Click here to listen to The Middle Chamber Episode 16
Ezra Sandzer-Bell of 
joins Alan and Andras for a Radio8Ball consultation of the Pop Oracle, 
via the music of The White Stripes.
A clip from Simon Critchley on  
42Minutes episode 149
Audio from Prince Ea's video "What No One Wants To Say About Ferguson" . . . Visit
Plus the new single from Andy Shmushkin
Update: 22/9/2014
I just saw this page in my Aldi catalogue with two zebras in it.
They are rusted metal (iron) animal silhouette's for the garden on sale September 24th at this German owned grocery store where I just happen to shop.
I've written about how synchy I've found these specials in the past to me personally and I think they have come through again in regard to the above podcast and zebra imagery from the
SYNC Book guys.
Supermarket Signs?
Now, I think this is a good example of the above podcast showing that we should no more associate Jews with Israel, as we should Germans with Nazis, because the two aren't mutually exclusive.
I love German culture and I'll be celebrating Oktoberfest with my German friends this year as well as Chanukah this year with my Jewish friends and Chinese New Year with my Chinese friends.
Which doesn't mean that I support Nazis, Zionists and Communists, as some people's crazy thinking would suggest to them.
Not all Germans are Nazis, as not all Jews are Zionists and not all Chinese are Communists, although a lot of people who can't think for themselves tend to think Germans = Nazis, Jews = Zionists and Chinese = Communists.
Which is far from the truth in each case.
Maybe an iron zebra in the garden might make a good reminder that not all things in life can be separated into black and white so easily?
Although for some reason I still associate IKEA with Nazis;-)
Political Prisoners Forced To Make IKEA Furniture

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  1. IKEA may well follow the Nazi business model. This sequence is dizzying. Need to go back. Got frozen here earlier.