" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 1, 2014

Missy Higgins Has a New Oz Album on the Way ... And That's Not All

Missy Higgins playing the uke at the
Byron Bay Writers Festival
I saw Missy Higgins give two talks at the BBWF and I have to say her Saturday talk was my favourite talk (that will be an upcoming post of mine)but Sunday she announced her new album would be released in September and would be called "Oz" with Missy singing cover versions of great Aussie songs.
I also saw an article that said she and her partner Dan were expecting to be parents in January.
Missy Higgins with fiance Dan Lee
Missy Higgins reveals an album, a book and she’s pregnant with a baby boy
I also noticed Missy was doing a cover of the Divinyls song 
Back To The Wall, which was used for the film Nightmare on Elm Street 4, starring a fellow Sync-head,  Andras Jones.
The OZ tracklisting:
1. You Only Hide (Something For Kate)
2. Old Fitzroy (Dan Sultan)
3. NYE (Perry Keyes)
4. Shark Fin Blues (The Drones)
5. Was There Anything I Could Do (The Go-Betweens)
6. Back To The Wall (Divinyls)
7. Don’t Believe Anymore (Icehouse)
8. The Biggest Disappointment feat. Dan Sultan (Slim Dusty)
9. Everybody Wants To Touch Me (Paul Kelly)
10. Curse On You (The Blackeyed Susans)
11. No Secrets (The Angels)
12. Before Too Long feat. Amanda Palmer (Paul Kelly)
13. Blackfella/Whitefella feat. Crystal Itjuwalyi Butcher 
(Warumpi Band)
14. Calm And Crystal Clear (Neil Murray)
15. The Way You Are Tonight (Don Walker)
Also, if you've read my last post -
RaINBOw by Seallion (Seal-lion)
you'll see that I'm a Sharks and Lions supporter and that Missy has a cover of the songs Shark Fin Blues (I'm also a NSW Blues supporter) and Old Fitzroy.
The Brisbane Lions are the old Fitzroy team relocated to Brisbane
Lion King?


  1. Love Higgins's voice! You're onto something very cool here, Daz.

  2. You should hear Missy sing live Trish.
    Golden voice and a great song writer to boot.