" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 6, 2014

The Mullum(bimby) Music Festival 2014 (Part 2)

Glad to see you hopped on my magical Mullumbimby bus ride.
If this is your first ride on the bus,you might like to read part one of the post here -
The Mullum(bimby) Music Festival 2014 (Part 1)
which will give you the option to get off the bus before we get rolling again...
or stay on it if you didn't learn a lesson from that first post. ;-)
Civic Hall
 I went to Civic Hall to try and catch Nahko play 
and I did get a standing spot in the hall before the doors were closed and no more were admitted in, but while I stood in the hot crowded hall and was wondering whether it might not be better to go see another act and hopefully catch Nahko some other time, some filthy pig kept farting around my personal space and while I kept trying to focus on thoughts of peace, after a while all I could think was -
So instead of hanging around in a hot overcrowded hall playing the smell version of  "Where's Wally / Waldo ?" with some a#sehole that needed a cork shoved in 'em 
I decided to head out of the hall and buy some pizza from my pizza supplier who feeds me at 
Bluesfest and the Woodford Folkfest.
At $4 a slice his pizzas are value for money.
Mullumbimby High
I headed back to Mullumbimby High to catch the end of
Mia Dyson's set.
Mia Dyson at Mullumbimby High Sunday.
Mia's show is one I'll have to try and catch again.
I love her album “The Moment”.
I'm listening to it now at her website while I'm writing this post.
This is one I'll be buying.
I love her song "When the Moment Comes".
Ellen, the Mullum pot dealer. Ceramic pots that is.
After Mia's show finished I wandered across the road to have a look at the Mullumbimby Community Art Gallery, because someone mentioned I would be able to buy some pot from them...but what they really meant was that I would be able to buy some pots from them.
Doh! ;-)
I came back to the high school hall to catch Kooii play a few numbers and ended up buying their CD because I really like the song "Kick It".
"The Church" on stage at Mullumbimby High Sunday night.
Then it was the time of the night I had come down from Brisbane to see, that's after a twenty minute delay from a rigorous sound-check which didn't stop the equipment from playing up on the night with a small equipment fire thrown in there as well. 
"The Church" played a lot of new stuff on the night and while it was different to their older music I loved the wall of guitars and drums in their rockier numbers.
I noticed this artwork in the corner to the left of the stage of a frog on a mushroom.
This artwork wasn't made for "The Church" gig (that I know of) as it was there in the hall all weekend, but Steve Kilbey made the comment during the show that "The Church" never played in Mullumbimby before, although they used to come down to this area looking for mushrooms in their early days when doing gigs up on Queensland's Gold Coast.
"The Church" put on a good gig, but after standing right next the the main amplifier for half a concert I was in two minds to whether I should stay for Bobby Alu's show or head home.
Bobby Alu
I was in the mood for something a bit mellower than Bobby's most high energy music, so decided to hop on the bus one more time and either get off where I had parked the car, go see some jazz at the RSL, or just do a full circuit and go see Bobby Alu and his band.
But none of those options gelled with me for some reason and I was hoping the bus would just drop me off in a moment of synchronicity to discover some magical band I didn't know about.
It had already been a surreal day seeing and hearing "The Church" 
play "Under the Milky Way", which was used in the soundtrack for one of my favourite films,
"Donnie Darko",
in a high school attended by Iggy Azalea, that was established 
in a key year for "Back to the Future" fans (1955).
And in the month of November, to boot.
Not that I'm a real big BTTF fan though.
So, I'm sitting on the bus not really knowing what I want to do.
The bus approaches my car, but I stay on.
The bus heads up to the RSL, but I stay on.
The bus heads back to the high school, but I don't want to go back there, so I hop off at Drill Hall (because I hadn't been in there that day) and decide to take a peak inside and see who's playing, and if I didn't like their music I was going to head back to my car and go home.
Laura Targett and band playing Drill Hall Sunday night.
I stood outside the hall listening to the piece that was being played and thought this music was interesting, so after that song was finished I decided to go in, sit down and listen.
The very next song of Laura's was a song called "Pigeon",
about a bird flying into a window and knocking itself out?!
I have to say Laura had my attention from that point on,
as this blog started because a bird (but not a pigeon)  
flew into my window and knocked itself out.
The Bird that Flew into the Window
I found the rest of the songs were like riding a melancholic, but at the same time uplifting merry-go-round.
Almost with a lullaby comforting quality to them.
To me Laura's music was the discovery of the day, and I would never have seen her show if I hadn't of let fate guide me to some obscure little hall to see her play.
But don't take my word for it, check Laura's songs out for yourself at her soundcloud site -
Laura Targett
The last thing I did at the Mullum Music Festival was buy a copy of 
Laura's CD outside Drill Hall, and it was one of the best decisions that I made on the day.
I've played Laura's CD many times since and would have to rate Laura's music the find of the festival for me.
And like big Arnie would say if he had of attended this festival on Sunday, "I'll be back".


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Wow, Mia is dynamite!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Yes,she was Trish.
Well the little bit of her act that I caught.
I will be buying "The Moment"CD of hers soon.
I love that one and I'm yet to have a listen to her others,so I might buy a few more off her,as well later.

Mike Perry said...

Agree about Mia, she's great.

Hope you didn't buy to many pots!

Always like these style posts.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I didn't get any pots or pot unfortunately Mike,but I didn't need pot/s to have a smashing time down there anyway. ;-)
I didn't get to see too much of Mia's show,but I see she is playing the Woodford Folkfest this month,so I will catch her then if I go.
And speaking of posts,I have so many I feel I need to write which are half written,but need completing,but am just getting swamped at the moment.
It's usually why I do the
"THIS POST IS STILL IN PROGRESS" thing like I did for this post and the last.
Because then I have to finish it in a hurry because people are reading it and want an end result.
Otherwise the last two posts would still be sitting in the Draft folder with the others.

Unknown said...

Hey, many years later I just came across your piece on my music here! Wow, thanks, what great encouragement, means a lot to me! Haven't been doing a lot of music the last few years for various reasons, (young family, relationship break up etc etc) , but recently started planning album no 2 and finally getting previous album online.. so very timely to stumble across your blog post! Thanks so much!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I had a feeling that you would stumble upon it when the time is right Laura:-)
I haven't read that post for a while and ironically since that day I have not been back to the music festival, as something always clashed with going over the years ... or I'd just forget to go.
Such is life.