" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 3, 2015

Weston super (night) Mare in Dismaland?

The (night) marey-go-round in Dismaland
The English town that Dismaland is located in is named 
Weston super Mare ...
or should that be Weston super (night) Mare(?...
and the blogger who wrote this post 
'Dismaland' - Dazed and Bemused - 
The New Banksy Exhibition is more than meets the eye
lives in the town.
Sync/sink,or swim?
As Marie points out in her post, 

"Banksy chose the dilapidated old swimming pool (lido) on the seafront, now mostly filled with seagull droppings and empty bags of chips, precisely because it reminded him of his childhood. The renowned Bristolian, spent many summers splashing around the pool, according to his own recollection...
Banksy said: “I loved the Tropicana as a kid, so getting to throw these doors open again is a real honour."

Artwork on display in Dismaland
A modified scene from the movie "Shark Tale":-)
Located in an abandoned U.K. beach attraction in the English resort town 
Dismaland is a collaboration of over fifty artists such as Banksy, Jimmy Cauty, Jenny Holzer and Damien Hurst
Now the same weekend Dismaland opens in one seaside town in England a plane crashes in another seaside town killing onlookers watching the airshow from the road.
Seven killed in Shoreham Airshow crash after military jet crashes into road in England
The Grim-reaper in a dodgem car?!
Not only that, but my mate PsoNik, who I wrote about in this post -
Aussie Sync Summit ... Kind of. And You Just Couldn't Make This Stuff Up If You Tried
PsoNik and I at an Aussie fun park
captured this photo below of the crashed plane from one of the other vantage points around the airshow.
PsoNik's photo from his vantage point on the day
I'm starting to think I should call PsoNik Forrest Gump, as he always seems to be running into celebrities, or be one degree away from major news stories lately:-)

Funny that I just watched the movie Shrek for the first time the other day and I couldn't help thinking how much Dismaland was like a run down fascist theme park similar to what we see in the movie Shrek.
An early Facebook logo?-)
In fact Shrek seems to be Dreamworks backhander to Disneyland and Disney's  fairy-tale film stories in much the same way as Dismaland holds a mirror up to the famous theme park.
Display at Dismaland
The onion carriage from the final scenes in the movie Shrek
The old swimming pool tiles at Dismaland
"A walking tour of the old swimming pool reveals the bathing tiles still in place... and children's dilapidated rides got a splash of new paint too." The Significance of R

Another modified scene from the movie "Shark Tale":-)
Notice the Ferris Wheel in PsoNik's photo of the jet crash?
With the Ferris Wheel seen in both the Dismaland photo, as viewed from the old swimming pool tiles and the Ferris Wheel seen in the jet crash photo of PsoNik, maybe instead of eels, eels. eels in the 
Shark Tale SWIM sign, it should read wheels, wheels, wheels instead?-)
Well, from the title of my blog you should have guessed that I'm a wheel watcher:-)
Marie told me in a comment to one of my posts that, 
"In Dismaland, I've recorded it, but can't post it, they continually play Mr Sandman, the Back to the Future version, amongst other things, on loud speakers, in a surreal atmosphere it freaked me out a bit as I walked around the old pool I remembered visiting as a kid in that same place! "
The Clockwork Orange Effect?
And on the subject of Clockwork ORANGE effects, I saw this picture of a Dismaland worker in an orange vest 
and immediately after seeing this photo I saw a shot of the cameraman who was gunned down by a dis(malland?)gruntled  co-worker and he was also wearing an orange vest very similar to the Dismaland worker.

Reporter, Cameraman Shot Dead During Live Report

I guess when it comes to a place like Dismaland you have to ask whether it is a case of art imitating life, or life imitating art? 

UPDATE: 7/9/2015 
You can hear PsoNik talk about his experience of witnessing the airshow crash by clicking on the red link below to listen to his radio show podcast-
 Type1Radio Lounge 8/29/15 
"On this episode Swami & Psonik discuss the tragic events of last Saturday at the airshow, the Chinese stock market crash, Jade Helm updates and our good and previous Type1Radio host Thomas Sheridans’ investigation into the possible Manchester serial killer being picked up finally by the mainstream media."

Street art spotted in Dismaland


  1. Very strange! Look forward to reading the rest of this post!

    I like your post i resonate with banksy alot , coming from Bristol and have previously blogged about him because his stuff seems to generate sync for me, interestin jimmy cautys aftermath dislocation principle is part of Dismaland and in the opening wee he tweet a photo of himsrlf outside a restraunt in Weston super mare entitled "mu mu's ;-)