" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 1, 2014

Prelude to the Woodford Folkfest

I went to the Woodford Folk-fest on Monday and had a really good day there.
Magical in many ways.
A post will follow soon about my day there, but this post is about a quirky little stall which I found at the entrance to the Folk-fest.
It had all of these wonderful life-like and life-sized statues for sale.
Take a seat.
...or sit down on the cowch. :-)
Side-note: Later on in the day I would meet one of my musical heroes Darren Hanlon who would unbeknownst to me sing this song of his - Couch Surfing.

A Tassie Devil.

A Tassie Tiger.

The Hunter starring Willem Dafoe is a movie I love and it is about tracking down the "thought to be extinct" Tasmanian Tiger.
Duncan Rhodes, editor of Nexus magazine.
I always wondered where Duncan Rhodes picked up his alien statue, but now I wonder no more.
I just knew I was in for a magical day after a walk through this stall, and I wasn't wrong.
Darren Hanlon on stage later on in the day at Woodford.
Darren's CD, Pointing Ray Guns at Pagans.

I'll be posting about my Monday at Woodford soon,
you'll just have to Hold On for a while though;-)


  1. Great shop. Want the c3po and devil!

  2. Looks a great place to visit and what a magical stall. And sunshine as well - lucky you!

    That's a good start to 2014.

  3. Re:"That's a good start to 2014."

    That visit took place last Monday,way back in 2013 Mike and being in our summer there wasn't just sunshine but awful heat as well,which cost me a small fortune to keep my fluid levels safely up all day .-)

  4. These statues are amazing! You have the most interesting festivals in your corner of the world. Happy 2014!

  5. 'Awful heat' that'll do as an excuse for our cricket team!