" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 19, 2014

Bangalow Bill and Jack Brabham

Bangalow Bill
"The 20th annual Bangalow Billy Cart Derby yesterday was again a runaway success, bringing the community together in an event that brings out the child in everyone and keeps some, like the oldest competitor, 88-year-old ‘Bangalow Bill’, going strong every year."
Spills and thrills at Bangalow Billy Cart Derby  
Bangalow Bill is 88 and he is the oldest billy cart racer still doing the hill every year.
You can see him in the above clip at around the 5:50 minute mark going down the hill yesterday.
Oddly enough, Jack Brabham, also 88, passed away this morning.
Sir Jack Brabham stands next to his Repco Brabham BT19
The starting line for the Bangalow 2014 Billy Cart Derby
"The Australian won the championship in 1959, 1960 and 1966
 the final time in a car of his own construction.
He retired in 1970, was knighted in 1978, and was named a National Treasure in 2012.
He died after collapsing this morning". (May 19th, 2014)

Bangalow Bill

"A highlight of the day was the final downhill run for Bangalow Bill, who has been riding in the derby for many years. 
Now 88 and living at a nursing home, Bill has finally outgrown billycarts - 
at least insofar as he is able to ride them, 
so this was expected to be his last race in the annual derby."
Bangalow Bill hangs up helmet as Billycart Derby turns 20
What is it with 88 and fast cars anyway?
Also on the subject of collapsing, I noticed this on the wall outside the Foodworks supermarket at Bangalow yesterday and took a photo, as I had never seen one in a public place before.
My main thought at the time was I wonder if one of these would have helped save my father-in-law when he collapsed and died in his home a few years ago?
And for those who have been following my blog, yes that is St.Kevin's, the church I named my first son (Kevin) after and 1988 was the year I got married, too.
It was on our honeymoon that I first saw St.Kevin's while going from Byron Bay to Ballina and stopping in for a look at Bangalow.
I already had the name Kevin as a possibility and when I saw the church it was like a sign to me and it was settled then and there if we had a boy.
The deal was that I would pick the boy's name and my wife would pick the girl's name, which is why it was my decision, if you were wondering why I got to choose the name.  

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The police car parked in front of the Bangalow police station yesterday.
One more personal synchronicity I noticed when I was walking past the Bangalow police station was the letters written on the police car BRU.
They are the letters on my own car's registration plates in that order.
Yesterday I thought this was some kind of sign about something for me, but I wondered what the 19 meant at the time.
Now I see the car pictured in the news that Jack is standing next to is a BT-19
My number plate, the police car number and Jack's BT-19 all seem to intertwine to me, plus there is also a 9 in my number-plate, as well.


  1. Well Trish this post was just going to be about Bangalow Bill rolling down the main street of Bangalow yesterday for the last time at the age of 88 and Jack Brabham dying the next day at the age of 88,but I remembered that 1988 was the first time that I set eyes on Bangalow and was when I saw St.Kevin's for the first time when I was thinking about the name Kevin as name for my son.
    88 was also the year I started work for that furniture store that I grew to hate working for.Bangalow (or a town with a hill like it) and billy-carts was the theme of a very realistic dream I had just after my father-in-law passed away,as if he was trying to communicate some message to me about the future.When trying to match that dream car image to a real one over the years on Google images,Jack Brabham driving in one of his cars would come up quite a bit,so I thought it was odd he would pass away the day after the Bangalow Billy cart race-day for me personally,as I only started attending these race-days after the vivid dream.This is the town I have been thinking of living in for the past year or so,but it is a little outside of my price-range at the moment.There will be further posts coming about the race-day and some personal syncs as well (I took 162 pictures on the day). But the three letters on the police car confirmed a question I asked to the ether moments before in a small church I was taking photos in diagonally opposite the police station.Those three letters BRU are on my numberplate in that order and you know what my surname is Trish,so if I was asking for a sign from above as to whether I should move here don't you think this is it ? Or do you think if I moved hear the cops would just hassle me with speeding fines and parking tickets ?-)