" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 1, 2015

My Ruby Rose and the Giant Peach Synch

I picked up a Sydney Sunday paper at the Bangalow petrol station on the Sunday morning of the Bangalow Billy-cart Derby.
Pictures from the 2015 Bangalow Billycart Races Last Sunday
 I don't buy Sydney papers usually, but because I was down in Bangalow, which is not in my home state, I decided to grab a New South Wales paper, instead of my usual Queensland Sunday paper.
On the front was a photo of Ruby Rose, not someone I was real familiar with, but I did recall seeing her doing interviews on TV occasionally for MTV.
I had let the paper sit idle for a week, or two, after I had bought it, then decided to read the story on Ruby Rose.
Not long after I had read the news story a net friend who lives down around Uki in New South Wales wrote this comment about a Brisbane singer that I had never heard of before,
"Oh, and I almost forgot, my girl friend who is a singer had a bizarre encounter with this local singer/songwriter from Brisbane".
A singer who sings under the name MKO, and he placed a link to her website -!music/c1aka
Jellyfish - MKO
After looking at photos at MKO's site I found this one below 
MKO looking like Ruby Rose
that looked a lot like Ruby Rose and I replied back with this comment- 
"I don't know if this is a picture of MKO, or not, but it reminds me of Ruby Rose who I was reading about today from a Sunday paper I bought at the Bangalow Petrol station on Bangalow Billy-cart Race-day."

It turned out that it was MKO looking like a Ruby Rose clone, but since then it looks like she has found her own sense of self.
Don't get me wrong, I love MKO's music and had she not looked like Ruby Rose in the first photo that I saw of her maybe I wouldn't have stumbled across her music, but there is only one Ruby Rose, just like there is only one MKO, and the thing that I really like about Ruby Rose is that she doesn't try to be anyone but herself, and that is where her strength lies for me.
 Which reminds me of an old post of mine -
The Message ... Just Be Yourself
Ruby Rose has a tattoo of a mask on her left forearm
And while I personally don't find lots of tattoos on girls  
(or men for that matter ... not that I'm Gay) attractive, I have to say Ruby's tattoos have got some style and meaning behind them.
And I do have tattoos myself, so it's not like I don't like them, I just don't see the point in covering your whole body in them, but hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.
Ruby Rose also has a tattoo about life on her wrist I noticed
My own recent tattoo that I got last year
I wrote a post about getting my "Life Support" tattoo in this post- 
Life Support?
You can see more of Ruby's tattoos at this link, if you would like to see more -
But the following tattoos of her's are my favourites, and I'll tell you why.
Ruby Rose has a tattoo of playing cards on the left side of her chest.
I don't know why Ruby put playing cards on her chest, but it reminds me of a design I made once which I never get sick of seeing.
Ruby Rose has a tattoo on her right arm that says “Trust In God” in rainbow block letters. 
She also has a red faceted ruby stone and a simple black cross.
While I don't think the design of the tattoo is anything great, I do like the idea of trusting in God, whatever your idea of God is.
As I said before, it's a matter of whatever floats your boat when it comes to what "God" means to you, but my idea of "God" is to follow your heart and 
"do un to others, as you would have done to you".
I also see "God"as the great organising principal of the universe and the one who throws the synchronicities everybody's way.
 I have a coin that I bought from a Catholic shop that sells religious nick-knacks, to remind me to go with the flow, which is similar to Ruby's tattoo.
To me it is more like a gambling chip than a coin, because I see life as a gamble and not some clear certainty of a win at the end of it.
The other side of the coin says "Fear nothing but God", but I find the words "fear" and "God" to be incompatible when placed together like that.  
So, to me it means more along the lines of fear not following what you find to be true in your heart, because that's how I would imagine God would communicate anyway.
Ruby Rose has a red and yellow koi fish tattoo on her upper right arm set against a background of gray-scale waves.
Goldfish Dreaming: Sanctification
Ruby Rose has a tattoo on the back of her left hand of a dog with blue bubbles in the background and on her wrist.
This little black dog on Ruby's left hand reminded me of the analogy between depression and "The Black Dog".
I have no idea why Ruby placed this little black dog on her hand, but I couldn't help thinking that it was about keeping the "black dog" at hand and playful rather than menacing the owner.
It probably has nothing to do with the reason why Ruby put it there 
(consciously at least),
but I can well imagine this as a subtler layer to the tattoo.
This tattoo should probably be tattooed on every person's hand as a reminder that NOBODY is immune to the black dog's presence.
I wrote a post mentioning the black dog in this post -
Black Sea of Oz?
A scene from the movie "Tracks" about Robyn Davidson's trek across Oz.
In the movie Tracks, as well as in real life, a black dog was along for most of the trip through the desert.
A Black Dog is also used as a metaphor for depression in popular culture, and this film does have a subtext of the depression the main character had throughout her journey and life.
Robyn's mother hung herself when she was young and the dog theme is a very important part of the story.
Oddly enough, I happen to be in the middle of reading Robyn's book right now and I have to say that if you liked the film Tracks then you must read the book, as it fills out the details to the story in a way that the film does not.

Ruby Rose’s knuckle tattoos say “Just Love”
I find it a little ironic that Ruby has the words "Just Love" tattooed across her fists similar to the old tattoo classic LOVE/HATE 
and she uses them to pumble opponents in the boxing ring with.

We Need to Talk About Maleficent/Maleficence

I used the LOVE/HATE tattoo once on a post I wrote called -

We Need to Talk About Maleficent/Maleficence

Ruby Rose’s vintage-style skeleton key tattoo on her left elbow.
The key is always an interesting symbol I think.

Ruby Rose/Phoebe Dahl

Anyway, enough about Ruby's tattoos and on to the synch in the tittle of this current post.

Ruby Rose's partner is Roald Dahl's granddaughter and if you look back through my blog you will find quite a few posts about Roald Dahl's book  
James and the Giant Peach.
The "Little Peach" shop in the main street of Bangalow.
In fact, it even comes back full circle to this post that I wrote about the Peach and the town that I would eventually buy the Sunday newspaper in that started this post off here in the first place.


  1. This is quite an interesting sequence! Her tattoos are really elaborate. I had no idea about her relationship to Dahl!

  2. I had no idea about her relationship to Dahl's granddaughter either until I read the newspaper story about Ruby Rose.
    Being a fan of both the Dahl book and movie,"James and the Giant Peach",I was stunned when I read who her partner was.
    Small world.