" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 16, 2015

Libby Munro: A Grounded Actress with High Skies Ahead of Her

I went to see the above play the other night after seeing a story in my local Brisbane newspaper about an actress named  
Libby Munro, who grew up in a town my cousins lived in for years, named Millmerran.
I don't normally buy the newspaper that often, so it was just luck I ran across this story.
What caught my eye was the words "hometown" and "Eight".
My hometown Brisbane has got a population of over one million people, so it was no big deal that we shared the same hometown, but the town where Libby grew up in, and the town my cousins lived in, Millmerran,only has a population of about 1500 people.
Rams Head Hotel, Millmerran
Being into the subject of synchronicity and hanging out on line, and with other sync-heads myself, the number eight always brings to mind another actor named Andras Jones and his  show Radio8Ball, and how he analyzes fellow actors and musicians careers and lives on that show.
I would have liked to have caught the movie Eight that Libby is getting rave revues for, but I didn't pick up that newspaper for a few days and missed the opportunity to catch the film, luckily though her play Grounded was still on, so I went along to see it on Thursday night at the Diane Cilento Studio.
It was a great play, well written and well acted, and I really enjoyed this play, even though I had an infected eyelid which dried my eye out, along with the air conditioner playing it's part, as well, and I couldn't stop rubbing my eye throughout most of the play, so that I could try and see properly.
Apart from my eye  problem, I had a great night out.
The Diane Cilento Studio is named after the actress Diane Cilento
who my father, a cab driver for most of his life, used to brag to us kids, got chosen by Diane Cilento out of a cab rank full of cab drivers, because she claimed that he looked like her ex-husband  
Sean Connery, which normally we kids would laugh at, but it was true that he did look like the Bond actor (minus the mo), so we tended to believe him on this one. 
Interesting that Libby is born on the 11th of November 
(Remembrance Day) and is playing an air force pilot.
I guess that it's fitting though, because if you are lucky enough to catch Libby in this play it's a performance you'll always remember.
I think the sky's the limit for this talented actress, and her career is only just taking off.
And who said the only good thing that came out of Millmerran was the road to Brisbane?
Probably me, but now there are two good things that come from Millmerran;-)  

UPDATE 11th April, 2016.
 I finally got to see 'Eight' tonight, not an easy movie to sit through, but it deserves all the accolades it has received so far with probably more to come.
I thought Libby was good in 'Grounded', but 'Eight' was mind-blowing as far as Libby's acting performance went in that movie.  
I hope that thriller Libby is writing gets produced, and I deliberately threw the cat among the pigeons by asking if the same team that made 'Eight' were going to work on that film, as I got the impression they could all make a fine thriller when in comes to a cinema release if their work on 'Eight' was anything to go by.   
I also found it amusing that  
Libby's next play is about a post 9/11 world and guess how many tickets were officially sold for tonight's screening of 'Eight'?
119, or 911 reversed;-) 
A reverse 911?-)
Reverse 911s in 'Back to the Future'(?) a film that I felt was about the A-bomb
9/11, Synchromysticism and Back to the Future,1, 2 & 3? (Part 2)
Not only that, but 8:15 in the morning was the time the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, which I make reference to in that post you can read if you click on the above link, and the ticket I was given tonight says that Libby's movie runs from 6:30pm to 8:15pm.
 Cosmic coincidence?-)
8:15 that's the time that it's always been?
Libby as Vanda in the QTC 2013 play 'Venus in Fur'

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