" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 7, 2015

Did BTTF Predict What Would Give Michael J Fox His Future Illness?

Click to make image bigger and see what looks like a skull in this BTTF2 screen shot.
 I saw a number of articles like this one below about the possible link between diet soda and Michael J Fox's current illness, and it made me think of all the scenes in the Back to the Future trilogies where Michael was endorsing what may well have been his future poison.
Dying for a Diet Coke? (If so, You are a Drug-Addicted Laboratory Rat) – PART TWO
"The well-known Hollywood actor, Michael J. Fox, sponsored by Diet Pepsi, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease
He received free supplies of the sponsoring diet product. 
Parkinson’s is a well-diagnosed outcome from excess aspartame consumption, as is Alzheimer’s. 
Fox denies a connection to his Pepsi consumption, but aspartame and Parkinson’s – and Pepsi sales – flourish on such denials. 
At the present time, in North America, there have been a rash of court cases and coroners’ court hearings over sudden deaths from acute methanol poisoning, which we, with our knowledge here, can connect to the chronic aspartame product consumption of the victims. Similar cases are probably occurring all over New Zealand and Australia, but may easily be attributed to other causes such as a heart attack unless a careful autopsy is carried out and a history of aspartame use discovered."

Michael J. Fox - Diet Pepsi commercial

Subliminal Product Placement in Back to the Future 2?
"Narrator Cori Brackett had a strange cause-and-effect experience with the diet cokes she was drinking and quickly found herself disabled and diagnosed with MS
Slowly able to walk and speak again, she believes her illness is linked to aspartame. 
She is a co-owner of a video/film production company. 
After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, "Sweet Misery" will reveal one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence since tobacco."
Food for thought?
Robin Williams: What He Died to Tell Us
"In short, Robin had a long-time addiction to legal 'speed' consuming copious amount of Red Bull, laced with the neuro-toxin Phenylalanine - Aspartame - Sweet Poison that gives you a short-term buzz but at the expense of long-term degenerative neural disease like Parkinson's; uncontrollable shaking and loss of muscular control. 
Same thing happened to Michael J. Fox who got neural-degenerative disease from addiction to diet Pepsi with aspartame.
 As a commercial spokesman for diet Pepsi, Fox apparently believed in the product he was promoting, drinking many a day."
Poison Pepsi, or just a load of Red Bull?
I'll let you decide that for yourself. 
MSG on the Brain and MSG on the Chest Sync


  1. I can't buy this diet coke connection. My dad had Pawrkinson's and never, in his 92 years, did he ever drink a diet coke. He didn't drink sodas. I believe his parkinson's and my mother's alzheimer's were triggered by an electrical power box 30 feet from their bedroom window for more than 30 years. But I also think all disease is brought on by emotional and spiritual components as well.

  2. It's not to say that this is the only way you can get Parkinson’s Disease, or similar symptoms Trish.
    To say you don't buy it would be like me saying that I'll continue to smoke, because my mum has lung cancer and she never smoked, or hung around smokers, so the evidence that smoking gives you lung cancer must be wrong.
    There is more than one way to get a disease, and I'm not suggesting that these are the only way.
    And on a personal note, I have seen a few young girls in my personal circle get non-malignant brain tumors, no older than their early 20s and they were diet cola drinkers, so I do feel that there is something to the claims made above.
    But as I say at the end of the post,"I'll let you decide that for yourself".