" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 1, 2015

Follow and Kull the White Rabbit?

As if the rabbit problem isn't bad enough in Australia, now Crowe?-)
Rabbit pest plan out for comment
"“It’s a sad fact there are more rabbits in Australia than there are of any native mammal species, including kangaroos,” Mr Andrews said. 
“Not only do rabbits compete with local animals for food and burrows, but they also destroy habitat, eating native plants and eroding soils so that weeds take over.” 
He said it only took one rabbit per football field-sized paddock to affect native species."
Rabbits chill with kangaroos at Lake Conjola. Picture: Kate Schneider

" only took one rabbit per football field-sized paddock to affect native species"

The Matrix was filmed in Australia and released at cinemas in 1999 and it makes me wonder if they ever caught the white rabbit, or if they just let it run wild?-) 
I think introducing Sharks would easily tackle the rabbit problem in Oz;-)
Kate Miller-Heidke’s Christmas single tackles bowel cancer awareness
 "Kate Miller-Heidke, the Melbourne-based writer and performer diverted from her pop persona this year to co-write and appear in  
The Rabbits, Opera Australia’s production based on John Marsden’s children’s book.
Tells of the effects of man on his environment and how changes have taken place over time, in Australia.
 "The Rabbits is a new Australian opera, with a diverse ensemble of performers from opera, theatre and contemporary music along side Australian songstress Kate Miller-Heidke. Together they form the cast and creative team of The Rabbits – a new Australian opera co-produced by Opera Australia and Barking Gecko Theatre Company."
Backstage with Marcus Corowa at Opera Australia’s production of The Rabbits
Kate Miller-Heidke as Bird in The Rabbits

 Seems appropriate really to release a bowel cancer single about rabbits for Christmas when they have become Australia's #1 pain in the ass. :-)
"That charity is Bowel Cancer Australia and their annual fundraising effort, Decembeard. This December, people all over the country will be growing their beards – be it downstairs or upstairs – to raise money to fight bowel cancer and help save lives. Anyone who participates in Decembeard, or sponsors someone involved, will receive a free download of the song."
Christmas decorations?
Anyway, I gota run, as I'm late for a very important date (date is a euphemism for bum over in these parts, as in "you can shove that bowel screening test right up your date, as far as I'm concerned, Doc!":-)
I just couldn't resist tagging a bad pun about bums and rabbits right at the end of this post, sorry.
Hopefully there will be no more updates for this rabbit-hole of a post (ouch!-).


  1. I didn't realize The Matrix was filmed down under! This stuff on rabbits is fascinating.

  2. Yeah,it was filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney and in and around the streets of Sydney.
    A lot of those buildings are actual Sydney buildings and the rest were CGIed to make them look like a futuristic city.