" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 28, 2016

424s Again

There are certain numbers in my life that come up at weird times that force me to take notice when they occur, one such number is my dad's old taxi cab number, 424.
I've written about the weird times in my life this number appears, but just why it does is not completely clear to me in what message, if any, it is trying to deliver.
I wrote about it in this post -
Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles?
when a sync-head friend of mine, Andrew West Griffin, in The United States alerted me to Suzanne Vega's album 
Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles
The first thing people tell me when I talk about seeing my dad's old taxi number is that it is probably a message from your dad from the other side, but my dad is not dead I tell them, and while his present health is fading fast he is still very much alive and was when this recent cluster of numbers occurred.
The map on the wall at the service centre just over the NSW/Queensland border.
It all started on the morning that I was to set off on my road-trip to Australia's capital city, Canberra, to visit my youngest son who had moved down there last Christmas.

The only reason I had planned to head down there at this particular time of year was because my favourite NRL team the  
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks were playing in Canberra that weekend and I promised  my son that I would come down and we would go see the game and I would stay down there for a few days to sight see, as I had never been to Canberra before in my life.
My view of the Canberra/Sharks clash Sunday 17th April, 2016.
I hadn't really planned much of my road trip out apart from staying at Port Macquarie for two nights on the way down, as it was a halfway point between Brisbane and Canberra and I had never visited the town before.
Staying four nights in Canberra, two nights in Jindabyne, so I could walk to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, one night back in Canberra, one night in Tamworth, because it was the halfway point between Canberra and Brisbane when you travel the  
New England Highway, plus I had never been to any of the towns along that route before, either.
And then I planned to stay two nights in Ballina before heading home. 
My American friend Andrew West Griffin's relative  
Walter Burley Griffin was the man who designed the city plan for Canberra, as well on a synchy kind of note.
My mother was telling me just before I left on my road trip that she woke up at 4:24am one morning laughing to herself that the numbers on the clock were my father's old cab number and while I had set my alarm for 5:30am on the day of my trip, I also woke up that morning to see it was 4:24am and decided that was enough sleeping for me and got ready to set off on my trip to
Port Macquarie my destination for the day, which was a seven hour drive away.
I pulled into a service centre, which is a huge petrol station with fast-food outlets like McDonalds, KFC, etc, and I bought a coffee and used the rest rooms.
On the wall was a framed map of the of the trip I would be taking for that day, which I thought was odd, as most people head for Sydney, or Newcastle on this highway, but the map only showed the stretch of road between the service centre and Port Macquarie
As I left the service centre I noticed a small cemetery on the side road which I had never stopped to look at, but this time I stopped and looked around reading the tombstones and noticed that there was a William McGregor buried here, which made me think of my friends Rob and Trish MacGregor who write the
Synchrosecrets blog.
There will be a separate post coming up soon about this cemetery.
The view from my  Port Macquarie motel  room.
When I finally made it to my motel in
Port Macquarie
the guy managing the motel used to live in the same suburb I'm living in now and not only that his roommate was a guy I worked with at IKEA ... small world.
After checking into my room and unloading my car, I drove down to take a walk along the beach front and noticed something was happening at a motel across from the park I was walking in.
There were firetrucks and ambulances outside a motel with people evacuated on the footpath, but I couldn't see a fire, or even smoke for that matter.
I noticed a "Hazardous Materials Unit" van parked with the firetrucks and couldn't believe the number on the side of this van, 424?!
Left click on photo to make bigger to see number on truck.
And the firetruck had a 424 on it, as well.
I never did find out what was going on that night, but the emergency vehicles were there for over an hour after I stumbled upon them. 
Crossing the road to head on down to the small observatory that was in the park I took a picture of the street sign as a personal reference to the street the emergency vehicles were parked on.
It was Lord Street and it was pointing to a town I had never heard of called Laurieton, which unknown to me at the time I would be visiting tomorrow, which is a subject for another post.
Women Are Always Right?-)
On another synchy note, and this was just something I found out now, not long after listening to Robert Moss talking about street signs and Bob Hope Blvd. in LA.
Robert Moss About Coincidences & Synchronicities
"A Catalina seaplane carrying entertainer Bob Hope was forced to make an emergency landing on Camden Haven adjacent to Laurieton on 14 August 1944. 
Bob Hope was returning to Sydney after entertaining troops in Guam
The local postmaster lent him money for his hotel bills after the luggage was jettisoned. 
An impromptu party was held, and the next day Hope and his entourage traveled by road to Newcastle and flew from there to Sydney. 
Bob Hope maintained contact with the residents of Laurieton for decades afterwards." 
The weird thing was I would be traveling down to Laurieton to see one of Australia's famous talents play the RSL club there on Friday night, but I didn't know anything about it yet.
A picture of the Pleiades on the outside observatory wall reflecting the beach.
Unfortunately for me the observatory was only open on Wednesday and Sunday nights and I was only in Port Macquarie Thursday and Friday nights.
I went for a drive to the lighthouse up the road then went and bought some fish and chips at a shop across the road from my motel and ate them on my balcony looking at the ABC radio station across the road and wondering if that was a koala statue in front of the station that wasn't marked on the koala statue map I had picked up.
Turned out it was a koala statue when I went for a walk the next morning, right after I had checked my blog-feeds on my iPad to find out I had 419424 visits to my blog at that point.
The koala statue outside the ABC radio station, Port Macquarie.
419424 visits to my blog Friday morning.


  1. Wow, this is an interesting sequence of 424s! Also interesting that your dad is still alive. When I fist started reading this post, I figured the 424 was communication from him.

  2. My Nan passed away on my father's birthday in the early 90s.
    She was talking on the phone to my mother and complained she had lost her sight and collapsed while on the phone, my father rushed over to her house and broke open the door to find her dead.
    She had a brain hemorrhage.
    She was the one who sold her house and gave him the money to buy his cab license, so she was well aware of the number of his cab for many years before she passed and was often driven around in it by him, so the messages could still be from the other side.
    Who knows?