" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 3, 2016

Easter Sunday at Bluesfest 2016

The aftermath of Saturday night's rain. 
I got to Bluesfest early Easter Sunday after having only a very average steak and pepper pie from a shop in Brunswick Heads to eat, so I bought a black coffee and a doughnut and had a cop's breakfast before the day's events got underway.
Mmmm...Byron Bay doughnuts.
I wrote about my earlier Easter Sunday adventures in this post -
Drive the Carrot, Don't Let It Drive You
The first act of the day for me was Sahara Beck in the Jambalaya tent, which was handy to the doughnut stand luckily for me.
Sahara is also featured in the Day 4 highlight You Tube above.
'Star of David' orbs surrounding the De Niro lookalike guitarist of Sahara Beck's?
I also wrote a post about the weird lighting effects my iPod camera caught when I was taking shots of Sahara's De Niro lookalike guitarist -

Weird Orbs/Light Effects at Bluesfest
I wouldn't pick on her guitarist with that "Taxi Driver" type haircut...pun intended. ;-)
 Then it was off to the Boomerang precinct to catch a dance.
 Con Brio playing the Delta stage.
Then it was off to the Delta tent to see Con Brio once again, as I didn't catch their full act on Saturday.
These guys are going to be huge.
I'm glad I got to see them just as they are about to hit the big time.
Graham Nash on the Crossroads stage.
After giving Ziek of Con Brio a high five as he ran past copping an armful of his sweat I wandered over to the Crossroads tent to hear Graham Nash sing.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real in the Radio National tent.
Then I caught the tail end of a radio interview with Lukas Nelson, but unfortunately for me this was the only time I would get to hear Lukas play.
Lukas is the son of Willie Nelson.
Then when the crowd cleared out of the Lukas Nelson interview I got a good seat for the Con Brio interview.
 There was supposed to be a video of this interview at the  
Radio National website, not that I can find it on there though.
Then it was back to the Crossroads tent to listen to  
The Blind Boys of Alabama.
The Blind Boys of Alabama on the Crossroads stage.
Then time for a quick snack of Sweet Potato chips before heading back to the Crossroads tent to see Jackson Browne.
My life literally seems to be at the Crossroads today, don't you think?-)
Jackson Browne at the Crossroads.

Rose, Rosie and The Rosie Effect/Project
Jackson told the crowd that he had a niece living in Mullumbimby and some friends, or relatives in the town of Federal in New South Wales.
You do know that Iggy Azalea comes from Mullumbimby don't you Jackson?-) 
Fancy Iggy Azalea Being From Mullumbimby
Halfway through Jackson Browne's set I had to get a drink and some fresh air and watch him on the big screen on the grass outside the Crossroads tent.
A UFO among the gum trees?

Come nightfall I thought I had caught a UFO on my camera, but it only turned out to be a drone filming something going on over at the Boomerang section of the grounds.
You can see it in action in the Day 4 highlights You Tube at the top of this post.
I remember someone like Chris Knowles saying even if you saw a UFO and snapped a picture on an iPhone it wouldn't turn out...and he is right, because no matter how many shots I took of this drone the detail never showed up in the photo, but it was clearly visible to the naked eye.
It just looked like a blur, same as when I tried getting a good shot of the full moon.
Then it was back to guessed it...Crossroads tent to see Melissa Etheridge do her set.
Melissa Etheridge on the Crossroads stage.
Melissa Etheridge was great and I was deciding if I should stick around to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds play the Mojo stage, or head back to my motel room and get some sleep, be up early to check out of my room at 10 o'clock, spend the whole day here Monday and then drive 100 miles back home at midnight.
Unfortunately, I left and headed to my motel telling myself that he probably wouldn't do any Oasis songs anyway...but he did. 
I made a bad decision in the heat of the moment, didn't I?-) 

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  1. That festival sounds freakin awesome. Very cool the way it's broken up.

    A little something for everyone...except those unfortunate few that like it all. :)