" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 12, 2016

Eight/Man and His Symbols/Jung/Popular Culture and the Collective Unconscious

When this baby hits 88 I think we are going to see some serious s#it ;-)
My movie ticket for last night's movie screening of 'Eight'. 8:15?
I finally got to see the locally shot movie 'Eight' last night at a special screening of the movie that the Queensland Theatre Company had backed.

I had also started reading the last book that the great Carl Jung had input into before he died, titled ' Man and His Symbols', a book I have owned but haven't read again for about 30 years.
I started reading it again with fresh eyes (I'm still reading it at the moment) when Chris Mackey mentioned the man on the cover standing with his arms raised in the shape of the Psi symbol, which is also on the side of Mackey's book titled,  
'Synchronicity: Exploring Your Life with the Gift of Coincidence'.
 Psi symbol on a sculpture at Chris Mackey's practice.
Chris Mackey is an Australian
psychologist who like me is into the work of Jung and you can read more about Chris and his work at his blog where he posted this article on December 8th, 2015 -
Synchronicity, the lost soul of psychology and psychiatry
My main reason for going to see the movie 'Eight' though was because I had seen a play called 'Grounded' staring Libby Munro (who has 8 acting credits at the moment on her IMDB page, by the way;-), an actress who grew up in a one horse town my cousins grew up in named
A town I've never been to in my life.
I wrote about Libby (and updated the post last night) at this link below -
Libby Munro: A Grounded Actress with High Skies Ahead of Her
I've also written a post about reading Chris Mackey's book at this link below to give you an idea how I stumbled across Chris and his work -
Chris Mackey's Synchronicity Interview with Mitch Foy
I couldn't help noticing all the symbology in the movie 'Eight' (deliberate, or otherwise) as I sat through the watching of this movie.
For instance, the movie is titled 'Eight' , because it is about an OCD patient who is being treated by a psychologist because her compulsion of cleanliness and fear of the outside world contaminating her world makes her do things eight times over, like she is caught in an infinite loop.  
Infinity? The ∞ symbol in several typefaces.
The infinity symbol looks like an eight that has fallen over on it's side.

The infinity symbol appears on several cards of the Rider–Waite tarot deck
It's also on the eighth card of the
Rider–Waite tarot deck , the Strength card, ironically enough. 
Of course, as far as symbols and numbers go 8 is considered a very lucky number in Chinese and Asian culture and I noticed in the movie that there was a large Chinese type character above the kitchen sink, not that I knew what it meant though.
Also when Libby's character makes it out to the footpath on her street we see the house number is 35 (3+5=8).
I also liked how the bottles of dish-washing liquids over the kitchen sink appeared to have dartboard's printed on them.
Dartboards Again?
Dartboards always fascinate me when I see them turn up on a movie set. 
But it wasn't just the symbols and eights in the movie and it's associations with the infinite I found intriguing, there were other Jungian themes in play, as well.
Like when Libby said in the Q&A after the movie that her next play for the QTC will be a post 911 themed play called Disgraced.
When I got home and was wondering 
how many tickets were sold on the night for the movie screening of 'Eight', I saw there were 119 tickets sold, which is the number 911 reversed.
Reverse 911s in 'Back to the Future' (?) a film that I felt was about the A-bomb.
I had some input into a little You Tube that went mildly viral around November last  year with a few sync-head pals of mine, which posed the question, "did 'Back to the Future' predict 9/11?".

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11
We weren't implying that the makers of this film knew about the events consciously, we were showing it on a Jungian  
"Collective Unconscious" level.
But I do maintain that the BTTF trilogy carries a very obvious sub-theme about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and growing up in the shadow of The Bomb.
9/11, Synchromysticism and Back to the Future,1, 2 & 3? (Part 2)
8:15 that's the time that it's always been?
Not only that, but 8:15 in the morning  was the time the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, which I make reference to in that post you read if you click on the above red link and the ticket I was given tonight says that Libby's movie runs from 6:30pm to 8:15pm.
I like how the play 'Disgraced' is going to finish on Nov 6th in it's run at the Playhouse also, as that is the day after Marty travels  
Back to the Future...Nov 5th...remember?-) 
And of course let's not forget that Libby's birthday is the 11th of November (Remembrance Day), too.
Libby Munro (born 11 November 1981) (Remembrance day)
Which seems kind of appropriate on some Jungian level, don't you think?-)

UPDATE 12th April, 2016 
Here is an interview with Libby from a Brisbane radio program this morning.
Just click on the red link below to go to the radio site and listen.
Brisbane actress studies people living with OCD for role


  1. Synchnificant synchs all around. Perhaps I will pick up the symbols book again also. Thanks for sharing synchs. In the early days of synchromysticism the movie synchs came every day, not so much any more. What happened to those Winnipeg adepts? Respectfully, Dennis (shine forth brave souls)

  2. I'm friends with Jake on Facebook and he seems to be on an elephant(especially pink ones)spotting craze in the Pop Cultural world at the moment.
    I told him about Nicole Kidman singing "One Day I'll Fly Away" on an elephant in Moulin Rogue, written by a man(Joe Sample)who died the same day her father did, September 12th, 2014 (both the same age[75], as well).
    But Jake and the Winnie boys have been a bit quiet lately, as far as those great You Tubes they make goes.
    I'm sure Jake has something in the works though.

  3. I think Joe is also working on another film with David Plate and some others, but I'm not involved with input to that one, like I was in the BTTF/911 one in the post above.
    Joe makes good movies, but I can't see lightning striking twice after the huge success with the BTTF/911 video he hsd last year.
    But who knows?