" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 2, 2016

The Bridge to Synch?

The Bridge with Kira featuring Jake Kotze
I was watching Prince's movie 'Graffiti BRIDGE' starring and directed by himself and also starring his band 'The Revolution' (Update: The Revolution were in his last two movies, but not this one ... my bad) last night and thought it was funny seeing this post about Jake being on 'The Bridge' at REVOLUTION Radio
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Plus, hearing Jake talk about the number 42 I thought it was synchy that 'Graffiti BRIDGE' has a rating of 4.2 at its IMDB page.
 "Graffiti Bridge is the unofficial sequel to Purple Rain
In this movie, The Kid and Morris Day are still competitors and each runs a club of his own. 
They make a bet about who writes the best song and the Kid's club is on the line. 
But the Kid has become a brooding character who writes letters to his dead father and ponders spirituality. 
Under the Graffiti Bridge in the park, he meets Aura, an angel-like poet with whom he falls in love. 
Once again, Morris tries to steal his girl, and in the end, she dies in a tragic accident. 
But not in vain, she has given the Kid his edge back, and Morris gives in and lets him keep the club after hearing the moving ballad the Kid composed." .
Also, with all the talk about the number 13 in The Bridge podcast I thought it was synchy that Morris Day (Prince's cousin) was born on December 13, 1957 and has 13 acting credits on his IMDB page.
Morris was born on the 13th day of the 12th month of the year, too.
"Despite media hype of it being the sequel to the massively successful Purple Rain, it was a commercial and critical failure and was included on several Worst-of-1990 movie lists
Graffiti Bridge currently holds a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 23 reviews".
Morris Day born on December 13, 1957

The Desire for More

Great Scott ... a scene from Purple Rain

Marty also passes this telling
that's under the bench
A watch found at
Ground Zero, Hiroshima
Back to the Future: The Massive Speaker is Meant to be the Bomb that was Dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15
'Purple Rain'? Prince passed in
2016: The Year of the Fire Monkey
Purple Rain Synchromysticism?
Track #10 off 'Graffiti Bridge',"Tick, Tick, Bang"  
424? (Click image to make bigger)
Barack Obama to make historic first presidential visit to Hiroshima, White House says
"Barack Obama will visit Hiroshima at the end of this month, making him the first sitting United States president to visit the city since the first atomic bombing in 1945.
More than 220,000 people were killed in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were authorised by another US president, Harry S. Truman, almost 71 years ago.
Already the White House has ruled out an apology for the bombings, saying Mr Obama is not prepared to revisit the original decision to drop the bomb.
The White House says he will lay a wreath at the peace monument in Hiroshima and is expected to make a speech about his ambitions for a nuclear-free world.
But he would not apologise for America's actions in dropping the bomb.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will go with Mr Obama to Hiroshima and said survivors of the bomb will see it as a significant step.
"I believe President Obama visiting Hiroshima, seeing the realities of an atomic bomb attack and sending out his message to the world, will further boost our efforts to realise a world without nuclear weapons," he said."
 One of the reoccurring phrases in the movie 'Graffiti Bridge' is,  
"It's just around the corner" and I had read this paragraph in Hugh Mackay's book, 'What Make Us Tick' from a sub-chapter called 'Falling in Love' on page 279 -
"The second decoy arises from the very intensity of our desire for love: we can fall in love with love - with the idea of love.
We can inflate and over-interpret the small thrill of the flirtation, or the blindness of the fleeting infatuation, simply because we want to be swept away.
In 'Kissing Frogs', Andee Jones describes her experience of seeking romantic love through internet dating and writes that 'internet dating sites make it easy to construct our own ideal persona for another person to fall in love with', and vice versa, of course.
The desire for romance can easily fool us into a heightened expectation of love 'just around the corner'."
... to find your Prince?-)
While the above screen shot from 'Graffiti BRIDGE'  seems to show Prince getting run over, it's a superimposed shot of Prince yelling out "no" as a 4WD comes around the corner and kills his "angel", who is standing in the middle of the road.
Brisbane traffic: Pedestrian dies after incident on Wickham Street in Fortitude Valley
And the weird thing is that today I got stuck in inner city traffic for 45 minutes on the way to pick up my son from work to go and see a movie (The Nice Guys) and I had to drive past this accident scene to get to his work.
I had set off from New Farm Park where I was trying to finish the last chapter of 'What Makes Us Tick', so I could give it to my son to keep, as I thought there are some good life lessons in that book.   
I usually head to the park early to read a book and sit out the peak hour traffic before I pick him up and head back to the cinema, but tonight I left the park at 5:15 pm, like I usually do when we go see a movie, a trip that usually takes no more than 15 minutes to get to his work, but because of this accident it took nearly an hour to get to his work and we only made it into the cinema as the movie started playing.
Not that I was too worried about the movie when I had the feeling that someone had lost their life under that truck I had to pass by that was surrounded by police and firetrucks.
It wasn't till I got home and looked for news as to what had happened at that road accident scene that I found the above news story that confirmed my suspicions of the loss of a life. 
This post was still in progress when I had left home to go to the movies, so this post was only going to end with the screen shots of the 'just around the corner' sign from the movie.
But this accident I had to drive past really brought home those words tonight. 
And if you have seen the movie 'The Nice Guys', then you will know that one of the bad guys in that movie gets accidentally run over and killed (with a little help from his "rescuer") when standing in the middle of the road as a van comes around the corner, as well.
 So, I guess no one really knows what's "just around the corner" when it comes to life ... or love.
White feather falling from sky in 'Graffiti Bridge'

UPDATE: 3rd June, 2016
I have to mention also after seeing the movie 'The Nice Guys' that I thought it was rather synchy that one of the last sub- chapters I had read was, "How Do We Explain Our Love Affair with the Car When Public Transport Makes More Sense?"
Hugh writes in that chapter, "... cars kill more than one million people worldwide every year and make a significant contribution to pollution of the atmosphere - especially the air that supports human life in all the world's big cities.
Those cities themselves are becoming increasingly unattractive to their inhabitants because of the traffic congestion created by the huge and growing level of car ownership.
In other words, courtesy of the very cars that we ourselves own and drive, we are systematically choking our cities, and ourselves"
Which oddly enough is a major theme in 'The Nice Guys' movie.
A roadside memorial to James in Burbank, Brisbane
Not only that, but I was stuck for a good thirty minutes in James Street while trying to get to my son's work at Newstead while police directed traffic around a road fatality.
Which now makes me think how ironic that I was stuck in 
James Street when I always drive past a memorial to a boy named James who was hit and killed on a road I travel to get to my favourite cinema complex at Victoria Point on the outskirts of Brisbane.
It never fails to tug my heart strings when I pass that memorial and to think what pain his poor parents must be in and how it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. 

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