" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 14, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth ... Now Showing

Charlton Heston (center)
with Emmett Kelly (right)
This post is about the synchonicities between three posts, all from different blogs, but interconnecting with each other in various ways.
To get the synchronicities you will have to read through the three posts and then compare them.
I am sure if you do read through them all that you will be amazed.
The Royal Wedding of Polarities or Jack and JLL's (Al)chemical Romance

Look At All The Happy Creatures:-(

Charlton Heston as Taylor
Planet of the Apes
I wonder if there is a Kelly name
on that
NASA patch?-)

Emmett Kelly in need of a tailor?-)

The Evolutionary Triad

Bear in mind as you watch the trailer above that this blog is called 
"Just Watching the Wheels Go Round"
I am not suggesting that these synchros back up what is being said in the posts and make them true.
Just that it is weird how all these syncs seem to merge with one another.
Charlton Heston has his name on the Tombstone poster, having played a small role in the movie.
A page from the book Emmett Kelly Jr.
A page from the book Emmett Kelly Jr.
Emmett as the Tombstone Marshall in the real town where he had a house and lived. 
Considering that I bought this book on the same day as the post went up (April 28th 2011 ... and I can prove this through my Amazon account records if I have to) I think these synchros are pretty amazing.
And the podcast that started all this, if you would like a listen;


  1. Love it. Blogging synchros. The Internet is amazing, how it becomes the connecting thread!

  2. Darren-The number 8 was not a coincidence. Yesterday, the day I posted the 'Tropical Trip' blog post I had been contemplating the existence of love and remembered a dream I had in which I experienced the light of God as pure love....unfortunately, I could not sustain the beauty of that experience for more than a few hours after the dream....but I'll never forget it...Glad I found a way to respond to you about this....