" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 22, 2011

Hibiscus Sync

My Hibiscus plant in full bloom today
Just as my little Hibiscus tree starts to really bloom with some magnificent foliage like the photo I took of it today (above), it has to move, or die, in a few weeks time.
The garage is being built into a bedroom for my son and half of the garden has to make way for a carport. 
Unfortunately the Hibiscus has to move.
My "Bird of Paradise" and Hibiscus, which both have to go.
And so does my lovely bird of paradise plant, which has taken years to get just right after transferring it from my other house to this present address.
The "Bird of Paradise" "Coincidence"
And not only do they have to move, but so do I.
My little computer room has to move into my son's old bedroom at the other end of the house.
This all happens in early January, so 2012 will be a year of change in more than one way for me, right from the start.
Now for some synchros involving the Hibiscus.
Marina Petro's "Twenty-Three"
The other day when I was looking for some pictures of crow paintings for my post on "The Crow" in Google images, I came across a picture called "Twenty-Three" by Marina Petro.
I love this picture in so many ways that I will have to do a separate post on it to say why.
I was so impressed by her paintings that I decided to follow her blog to see what other great works were produced by her talents.
Her latest paintings involve the Hibiscus flower, which is timely for me.
"Red Pear and Hibiscus" by Marina Petro
 But also today I was talking to blogging friends about black cats,
like panthers and told them to check out a post I did in June called  
Jaguar Medicine Can be Good for Cat People
Well, what should be in the jaguar painting on that page? 
Yes, a Hibiscus flower.
Some intersecting ripples in a pond, and some other strange plants that also happen to be growing in my garden, but are in no danger of being moved.
Usually, these plants flower like
 the one in the
jaguar painting.
Oh ... and I just remembered what sort of car I hired for my wedding car all those years ago.
A white Jaguar.
Maybe that's like a white crow???
Check out Marina's Angel paintings book, if you get the chance.
I'll be buying a copy off her after Christmas.
I just love 'em.
You can see the whole book in a virtual flick through here;

UPDATE: Dec 22nd 2011.
Mike Perry just told me in the comment below that he just came across this picture (below) from John Bunker Fine Art.

Jaguar and Hibiscus

And wouldn't you know it? 
John Bunker also has done a painting of a "Bird of Paradise".
Talking about "Birds of Paradise", when I was out taking pictures of my flowers, a crow was crowing in the tree across the road and I tried to get a picture, but it flew off.
As I was searching the sky hoping for it to return my eye caught these four white birds 
(so high I couldn't tell what they were ... the birds were high, 
not me, just to clarify things a bit;-)
just circling around in the clouds.
I took a picture of them, but you might give yourself eyestrain trying to spot them.
Snowy white birds of paradise???


  1. I don't know why but it still amazes me that parts of the world are summer and here in England it's winter. And how odd is this: Just seen a photo of a Jaguar and Hibiscus here

  2. Thanks for those links Mike.
    I noticed that you were 1 minute short of posting that above comment at 3:20.

  3. Wow, gorgeous paintings to go along with the layered synchros. That black jaguar is really stunning. Can't you move the bird of paradise to another part of your yard? It seems sad that a plant that played such a great role in a synchro should meet the compost.

  4. I could probably move some of it...but it nearly died off last time I brought it from the other house.And it was a lot smaller then.
    But I will try to find somewhere for it to start again.

  5. I'm sure your plants are as resilient as you are. We chose your synchro as the best this year. Goes p on the 31st. It's really stunning. As I've said before, you're the synchro magnet, daz.