" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 6, 2011

Look At All The Happy Creatures :- (

My Emmett Kelly Jr. book that I purchased
 earlier this year (
April 28th).
This is a really weird bunch of synchros involving a book I had purchased from Amazon this year on April 28th 2011.
I had listened to a podcast at
Mike Clellend's Hidden Experience Blog
called Audio conversation with Alan Abbadessa Green.
It is mainly about a book that Alan had edited with 26 other bloggers,
After listening to that podcast I decided to go over and check out Alan's blog,
Look at All the Happy Creatures 
I had a poke around and decided to listen to his audio interviews on Grok,
While I was listening I went through my bookcase seeing what book I could read next.
I picked up the 48 page book on Emmett Kelly Jr. (which I had already read) and started flicking through it looking at the pictures, and the thought occurred that I didn't give this book a review on Amazon even though I really loved it (the books I love I almost always give them a review).
So, I thought I would write a review while I listened to the podcast.
That's when the message came up on my Amazon page saying;
" Instant Order Update for Darren. You purchased this item on
April 28, 2011."
Nothing clicked there until I read the post that Alan was talking about in this podcast;
Which was posted on April 28th 2011?!? 
Emmett in his toy car, 1926
I wrote about how I came to be fascinated by Emmett Kelly Jr. after some powerful syncs occurred involving him,
Green Volkswagen on the Synchronicity Roundabout  
Having seen that I had purchased the book on the same day Alan had written his post I thought I should see if there were any syncs in the book relating to the post ... even though I rationally doubted it, a little voice in my head said that I would be surprised ... and I was.
Page 16, Emmett's first publicity photo taken in 1961.
1+9+6+1 =
Alan was talking about the Green man, The Lion King, March 17th (St.Patrick's Day) and 17 in the podcast, so I thought I would start by flipping the book to page 17 ... OK, buckle up!
Alan's last name is Green and on page 17 is a photo taken in 1961 (1+9+6+1 + 17) of Emmett with his manager LEOnard GREEN.
Incidentally on the front cover of the book Emmett is wearing a green shirt (see top photo).
Page 2, showing Emmett as the Vigilante
 and the Sad Clown
In the foreword to the book it is written, ""The Vigilante and the Hobo Clown," a tale of two classic American characters.
Emmett Kelly Jr. currently leads those two very separate and distinct lives.
The clown and the hobo, ever enjoying the romance of the road, traveling over five months each year making personal appearances; and the rough, gun-slinging vigilante, residing and performing in TOMBSTONE, Arizona - a town brimming with history from an incredibly colorful era."
 Under the "Entering Tombstone"
sign and the Bird Cage Theatre.
Page 23, where Emmett reminisces
about meeting
Jackie Kennedy.
 On page 23 (my birth-date BTW) it is told how he met and rubbed noses with Jackie Kennedy at the Worlds Fair in Chicago.
"Jackie Kennedy and her two children visited Kodak VIP Lounge, where Emmett entertained them for half an hour.
He handed them Kodak cameras to shoot pictures with and took a moment (Kodak moment??-) to rub noses with Caroline.
"Mommy! Mommy! 
Emmett rubbed noses with me and left grease paint on my nose!".
Jackie who was sitting with five Secret Service agents and the World's Fair (is the World really fair?) secretary swung around and looked up at Emmett, who did what came naturally.
He bent over and rubbed noses with Jackie, leaving red grease paint on her nose, too!"
 Alan said in his post ,"This past Sunday (4/24) was Easter". 
My father's old taxi cab number was 424, so this got my attention.
He also mentions Christmas themes occurring at Easter.
On page 46 there are 3 pictures of Emmett dressed in character, two as the Vigilante and one as a cross between the Vigilante and the Clown, where he is looking down the barrel of his gun.
In the top right-hand corner of the page it says,"It is always Christmas at the Kelly spread, where Emmett leaves his Christmas decorations up year 'round."
Down at the bottom of the page Emmett  is leaning on his front gate standing under mistletoe and X-mas lights,and it says, "According to local legend, Emmett's 100 year-old house is haunted by ghosts".
Then he is shown standing in front of "Top O' The Hill " restaurant in Tombstone, Arizona.
Fool on the hill??? 
But he isn't the fool in this picture, he is the Vigilante. 
Burger King and Obama's city Chicago,
not to mention Soldiers
Alan also mentions Burger King in his post, "Donald (Duck?) Trump surrounded by his hatching eggs to give us more in the way of a Birth of a King - or the Birther King. Or perhaps we should be looking for a Burger King?"
Alan also mentions actor Nicholas (Saint Nick?) Cage as a resonator in this post.
On page 27 there is a poster of a 1984 show Emmett did with Gypsy from "La Cage Aux Folles".
Also, it was Orwell that I was reading about the day before reading this post, and I had ordered Animal Farm then, as well.
Another reason why I ordered Alan's book All The Happy Creatures was because of the Orwell syncs.

Plus, the blue cover (my favourite shade) and the open gate (cage) reminding me of my "Bronson" dream. 
"I dreamed that I was driving a forklift, like the one I drive at work, on a narrow ledge about 40 stories high in the air, and Charles Bronson was doing mickey flips off my raised forks and landing back on them, while I was almost frozen in terror by the height, and this guy's death-wish (for want of a better word;-)"

Now, this dream really hit me for some reason, and I knew at a deep level that there was an important message here, but what? 
I don't even really like Charles Bronson as an actor, so that threw me for a start ... why was he doing mickey-flips on the top of my forklift?
 It had me puzzled, but I was determined to find out what the significance of Charles Bronson was to my life.
I started Google-ing his name and looking up his movies, but nothing about the actor, or his movies felt significant to me, on a gut feeling level.
But two things did seem to speak to me on a gut level, in all my Google-ing.
One was a movie called Bronson about the notorious British prisoner (although I had never heard of him at the time), which was winning awards at minor film festivals around the traps.
 I thought this movie was brilliant when I first saw it, because even though it's about Britain's longest present-day incarcerated prisoner (someone I feel sorry for, but aren't really a fan of ), it's also on another level about a person who is not just a prisoner, but in a sense his own jailer, as well.
He is his own worst enemy, he is his own jailer .
As you see at the end of the film when two guards lock him in his maximum-security cell.
One closes one gate while remaining outside the the cell, the other guard who looks uncannily like the prisoner closes the other gate by stepping into the cell and locking it behind him.
So, my dream is telling me that even though I feel like a prisoner at work, it is me that is the jailer, as well.
If you click on the trailer, you will see it is made by a production company called "Vertigo", which is what I had in the dream.
Getting back to the Nicholas Cage syncs, on page 29 we see Count Nicholas.
The Count was one of Emmett's best friends and tutored Emmett's wife Nancy as ring-mistress of her husband's circus.
Alan also has the Endeavor space shuttle patch displayed on his post, which has the name Kelly at the top of it.
Alan also writes about Pan, which is interesting because there is a picture of Emmett's 1955 French Panhard on page 39.
Alan also features a poster of the movie Anchors Aweigh starring Gene Kelly as a sailor.
And on page 8 is Emmet Kelly the young sailor .
The Big Lebowski got a mention in his post, so the the mention above on page 8 that Emmett had a job in a rug shop would have to raise some eyebrows.
There were some other minor syncs, but nothing much really to write about here, but I did find this picture on page 40 of Emmett smiling.
Who said there was only that one picture of Emmett smiling when his daughter was born?-)
Hint: I ended the question above with a God-wink;-)
"It's a girl Emmett".


  1. ...staying tuned!

    When I looked at this post the first thing I noticed was the word 'Emmett' at the top of the book photo. Minutes before I had been talking to a friend who mentioned emmetts. The locals where I live call the holiday makers to our area emmetts - as they swarm everywhere like ants. He said about how those 'happy creatures' have now thankfully all home gone as the season is now well over.

  2. This is probably a hard post to follow Mike,but it is basically to Alan Abbadessea Green about the jackpot of syncs between his post on April 28th 2011 on his blog "All the Happy Creatures"

    and the Emmett Kelly book I bought on April 28th 2011.Remembering that there are only 48 pages in the entire book (and I feel like I photographed every one of them for this post)
    it's quite remarkable.
    I don't agree with everything he writes in the post,although I find it interesting.I'm just pointing out the syncs between the book and his post...and there are heaps of them.
    It truly is mind-boggling to me.

  3. I don't always understand the complexities of your synchros, Daz. But I love coming here because it feels...well, like I'm pulling a chair up in front of a fire, have a good glass of wine, and know that I can sit here for a long while and shoot the shit with you and whoever else is present.That's rare. it's a treasure.

  4. It's funny you should mention wine Trish,because I've just got home from work,decided to forgo the beer and pour myself a big glass of red wine and log on and try to finish my post on "The Crow".

    But to get the essence of this post Trish you really have to read Alan's post from the 28th April,

    then read this post.
    Bearing in mind that I purchased this book on the 28th April,too.