" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 17, 2011

A Blessing and a Curse (Too)

I was over at Mike Perry's blog 67 Not Out reading this post;
The Red Balloon Coincidence Video
about two little girls both named Laura Buxton.
They didn't know the other existed until one of them decided to launch a balloon with a note saying who the owner of the balloon was and that it would be appreciated if the finder of the balloon could contact Laura Buxton ... and you probably guessed by now that the finder of the balloon was the other Laura Buxton
Watch the You Tube below to see how incredible this story is.
As by the reaction one viewer of this clip had, it's easy to write off such stories as scams or as he said "b#!!s#!t!". 
But it is my experience that things like this happen more frequently than this guy would care to comment on. 
Synchronicities are fascinating occurrences when they happen, but they don't always take you to where you think they are going to lead you.
Here's my story of what I thought was an incredible "coincidence" that happened to me yesterday in a long chain of synchs that are probably not finished yet.
Caiseal Mór and his Kookaburra friend.
Incidentally the photo of Caiseal above was taken from this website;
Wide Open Education
 featuring an article called,
 25 Famous Authors With Learning Disabilities.
He is number 23, which is one of my sync numbers.
 23. Caiseal Mór
"Bestselling Irish fantasy novelist Caiseal Mór is known for his
The Wanderers series and The Watcher’s trilogy. 
He’s created several music and spoken word CDs, and he is also famous for his autobiography,  
A Blessing and a Curse, which discusses his life on the autism spectrum. 
Before his autobiography was released, he kept his disability a secret from the public. 
He was diagnosed as a child, not speaking until he was four, and was taught to be ashamed of his autism, worried that he’d  
end up in a mental hospital if people knew. 
Caiseal still struggles with conversation as an adult, and he much prefers the written word, making his career as a novelist a good fit for him."
I wrote a post on the 24th July this year called  
A Blessing and a Curse
about a man whose work I greatly admire, Caiseal Mór.
The post's title was taken from the title of his autobiography about growing up with autism.
I've always felt compelled for some reason to get this book into the hands of a good movie director who might want to turn this book into a film.
The only one that came to mind was Sarah Watt, who had made a film that I loved called Look Both Ways, which I also wrote a post about here;
Look Both Ways
Unfortunately Sarah had recovered from one bout of cancer only to be taken by a second cancer that had developed in her body (I wasn't aware she had cancer again until the day of her death,
Nov 4th, 2011),
Sarah Watt (30 August 1958 – 4 November 2011)
Now that I've set the background for my chain of synchros, here they are - oops ... one more post to see where this chain started;
The Twelfth Insight”?
(I love the philosophy of this You Tube clip above, it really sums up my feelings about the role synchronicity has to play in people's lives ... unfortunately his books don't really inspire me that much at all.)
Yes, it started with James Redfield's book The Twelfth Insight a book that I didn't even really enjoy reading, oddly enough.
The day I saw this book on the bookshelf at Abraxas Bookshop in Byron Bay I had a strong impulse that this book was an important book and it would play a big part in my life.
I couldn't see why because I didn't even like  
The Celestine Prophecy
But I did end up buying the book on that strong gut feeling.
Unfortunately I thought it was a poor read as far as an enlightening read went ... so why the strong feeling about this book?
Well, a few months later it was announced Redfield 
was to headline the Byron Bay Writers Festival.
I took this as a sign that I had to go and take the book with me to get it autographed by James and maybe have a chat to him if time permitted, because I still admired what James was trying to do ... even if I didn't really like his books.
Unfortunately the festival was on a weekend I had to work and I had no holidays left to take and it was probably too short a notice to give to my employer anyway.
So there was no way it was going to happen.
But my employer was asking its long term employees to take some long service leave if they could.
At first I was outraged that they would even dare ask that we should dip into our long service leave.
It was then that a little voice in my mind thought this is perfect, take two weeks off as long as they agree to let you have that weekend off.
Well, they couldn't give it to me fast enough.
So I booked my tickets and booked accommodation and prepared for my weekend down in Byron Bay
I told a girl that I work with how I was going to take my copy of 
The Twelfth Insight and get James to sign it.
She then told me she had purchased a copy of his book Shambala from a second hand bookstore and loved it, and if I wouldn't mind getting James to sign it for her.
I said OK and took her book with me, but James got bitten by a spider in the US of A just before he was due to come out to Australia and had to cancel the trip because his doctor advised him not to fly.
I couldn't believe it, I had to go now because everything was paid for, and since I didn't have anyone in particular to see, I just went with the flow ... and had one of the most spiritual weekends of my life.
When I got back I asked my workmate if I could hold on to Shambala for a while and read it.
She said I could and she then asked if she could read  
The Twelfth Insight and if I had any other interesting books in my bookshelf I could lend her.
I asked her if she had heard of Caiseal Mór.
She had no idea who he was, so I gave her a run down on how I loved this book and how I had wanted to somehow get Sarah Watt to read it, and maybe make it into a film similar in style to  
Look Both Ways. 
She hadn't heard of Sarah Watt, or the movie Look Both Ways.
After she had finished reading The Twelfth Insight 
(she loved it, by the way) she started reading A Blessing and a Curse and I would discuss with her how I would love to see someone like Sarah turn this book into a movie.
She still had no idea what Look Both Ways was like, so I lent her my copy of the DVD I own of it, so she could watch it over the weekend.
I found out the day after that I lent the copy of Look Both Ways to my friend that Sarah had passed away the day I had lent the DVD to my friend.
On the Monday when my friend gave me the DVD back she told me what a great movie it was and that she could see Sarah making a good movie out of the book.
I told her that wasn't going to happen because Sarah passed away just before the weekend.
BUT ... here's the really weird synchronicity coming up -
When my friend was reading A Blessing and a Curse in bed one night, her partner saw the cover of the book and said to her with a start,
"Hey! I know that guy. I met him up at Harvey Bay a few years ago and we were friends, and just as he was to go overseas he was looking for someone to give a home to his cat, so I took it to look after ... that's how we have Orpheus ... that's the name Caiseal had given it".
So her and her partner still have the cat he had given her partner to look after, and she had never known about how he had come to acquire the cat until he recognized Caiseal on the book cover of the book she was reading.
Now you work out the odds of these coincidences occurring ... and you will probably need a good calculator to help you.
Then again it might just be easier to say "Complete B#!!S#!T!" and forget about it;- )
Who knows where the synchronicity path will take you?
Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?


  1. That's quite a story Darren, amazing odds against this happening. And perhaps Orpheus did retrieve his wife/partner from the underworld ...

    I don't mind James Redfield's books. The first one got me thinking properly about 'coincidences'. Lots of people knock these sort of books but they do light sparks of truth in some readers' minds that many heavy books just wouldn't do. A good starting point.

  2. I agree that James's books are a good starting point for people getting into the subject of synchronicity,and he has done a lot of good work in promoting the idea,but the stories themselves are a little too contrived for my liking.
    I think people new to the subject would be better off reading something like Trish and Rob MacGregor's books on synchronicity than James's books...but they are probably harder to find...unless they just happen to mysteriously fall out of a bookcase at your feet.-)
    But don't get me wrong,I like Redfield's philosophy and think he is doing a great job promoting it...I just personally find his books a bit of a predictable and repetitive bore.
    There are way better books on the subject out there,but like you say they are good appetizers.