" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 3, 2012

Touchy Subject?

from Look At All The Happy Creatures brings up a very good point in his latest post;
wtf Touch?!?
as to whether somebody involved with Fox's new show Touch has deliberately pinched his ideas, or whether it is just one more example of the synchronious universe at work.
I know which way Fox's lawyers are going to argue, and it would probably be the first win in a court case where synchronicity is legally recognized officially;- )
From 's  The Squares That Touch
Oh, and to one of my other blogging buddies, Mike Perry at
67 Not Out and Coincidence and Synchronicity, guess what? 
The two pages of Alan's  book, The Squares That Touch, that image above is from are pages, 6 & 7.
You might also find Alan's post before this one worth viewing, if you make the time?
Everything is a Remix
"Thanks to Antoine Charvet for sharing these videos with me.
For old school sync heads there probably isn't too much new here, but the production quality is strong and the case is well argued (I don't agree with all his points, but I do support many of them).
I highly recommend watching all four parts." 

Alan Abbadessa-Green
Very educational  and enlightening viewing in my opinion.


  1. The top picture says "Once you begin to connect the dots you'll find everything ...". I have just done a post for Thursday and have written, "If we join up some of the dots who knows what picture we could come up with." In the post I'm talking about finding an answer - so an interesting synchro, perhaps a message for me.

    Haven't heard about the TV show Touch before.

    1. The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper,Mike.
      But,wait till you see my next post...and it involves the bird that flew onto your wife's arm and another book sync of mine.
      Stay tuned.

    2. TOUCH starts in Oz next week
      (on free to air networks),I think.
      It looks good by the 3 min clip above,
      but who knows?
      I'll watch the first few episodes and see if it's any good.Fingers crossed.

  2. We enjoyed the first show. Keifer is good in this role and the boy is amazing. The second show was confusing. We're going to try another episode. I love your theory, Daz. Synchronicity legally recognized! Very interesting labyrinth of connections.