" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 23, 2012

After Cleo: Came Jonah

I was listening to Barry Eaton's RadioOutThere show and he had an interview with Helen Brown about her new book 
 After Cleo: Came Jonah;
I met both of these guys at the Byron Bay Writers Festival last year and can honestly say that they are two of the nicest people that you could ever meet ... I'm sure the police will now proceed to find mass graves in their backyards after a wrap like that;-)
That last comment was a joke, for those of you out there who don't understand what a sense of humour is 
(that's a kind of joke as well;-).
Anyway, I met Helen last year, knowing nothing about her and her book Cleo, purchased a copy, asked her to sign it, had a chat, and then took it home (with a ton of other books I had bought there) and read it.
And I'm glad that I did ... what a story!
 I wrote a post last year about her book Cleo,
I can't wait to read this latest book, too. 
Book review: After Cleo: Came Jonah by Helen Brown


  1. We are catless nowadays but have had up to four at a time over the years - and very tasty they were too (that's a kind of joke as well .- )

    Thanks for the info on 'After Cleo: Came Jonah' - have just gone back and read your original Cleo post.

    1. I haven't owned a cat since Sylvester,but I would like another cat around the house one day.
      I have two dogs that keep me amused...I've taught them both to say 'hello' when they want a dog treat.
      I'll have to work out how to upload my phone videos onto this blog.They are quite amusing when they are trying to say it.

  2. Oh, and forgot to say my first cat (as a child) was also called Tiger!

  3. OK, another book for my list. I need a couple of lifetimes just to read! We have a cat now named Tiger. Technically, she's Tigerlily, but she answers to Tiger.

    1. "Cleo" was a good read and Helen told me that it was currently being turned into a movie,but the movie was only going to concentrate on a certain part of the book and not all of it.So maybe reading the book will give you a better idea of the whole story Trish?
      I really liked the book and will definitely buy
      "After Cleo" when it comes out.