" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 30, 2014

RaINBOw by Seallion (Seal-lion)

I saw this new You Tube/Vimeo by Seallion (Jake Kotze) 
which is a tribute to Robin Williams and his movie roles and the coincidences between his movies, themes about rainbows, and synchy stuff with fellow co-stars.
I couldn't get it to upload here, so click on this link below to be taken to the You Tube site and view it there.
If you like it then give it a thumbs up.
The great white shark washed up on
Coronation Beach, north of Geraldton
Ironically, I also came across this recent news story about a shark choking to death on a sea-lion on the shores of Oz.
Me being a Sharks supporter and Jake with his Seallion You Tube name, plus his rainbow/Oz themed new video certainly had me scratching my head when I read it:-)
Great white shark probably choked to death on sea lion, authorities say
"A great white shark that washed ashore in Western Australia may have choked on a sea lion, an investigation into the animal's death has found.
Earlier this week the shark, which was about four metres long, was seen thrashing in shallow waters at Coronation Beach, north of Geraldton.
Its carcass, which had been fitted with an acoustic tag, washed up on the same beach on Tuesday.
The Department of Fisheries says research scientists have found the shark had no visible signs of injury or disease, but had a large Australian sea lion stuck inside its throat.
The department's principal research scientist Dr Rory McAuley said the shark may have been thrashing around in waters trying to dislodge the blockage. 
"This could explain why the shark was exhibiting such unusual behaviour in shallow waters off Coronation Beach," he said in a statement.
"Such a large object may have damaged the shark's internal organs or impeded water flow into his gills, contributing to his death.
"Alternatively, the shark may have accidentally become stranded in his attempts to get rid of the obstruction."
The department has also confirmed that the shark was tagged in South Australia in January this year.
Dr McAuley says tissue and vertebral samples were taken for future genetic, age and growth, ecological and population assessment studies.
"This information will be useful in improving our understanding about white sharks," he said."
Kinda sums up this season for Sharks fans I guess?
Kind of sums up my favourite Australian Rules football team's season as well, The Brisbane Lions:-(


  1. This rainbow sync has really taken on a life of its own.

  2. I agree with red dirt...a life of its own, for sure.