" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 14, 2014

Chasing Amy, Too?

I just saw Ben Affleck in the movie Gone Girl on the weekend just gone and couldn't help thinking how ironic that his wife's name in the movie 
(and I presume the book, too ... I haven't read it)
is Amy and one of his early movies was called 
Chasing Amy.
Great study of couples trying to live up to a storybook marriage in these modern times of high divorce rates.
Easy to see why this movie is so popular at present.


  1. Hey Darren, good point! Have you read my movie review, just my view of the film really at
    I also caught The Maze Runner and have to say, but don't tell anyone, I enjoyed the Maze more than Gone Girl...sshhhh!


  2. I've heard "The Maze Runner" is good and that was the other film I would have seen if I hadn't of seen "Gone Girl".
    It will probably be my next movie outing,I think.
    I haven't read your review yet Marie,but will tonight after I get home from work.
    I can relate to "Gone Girl",as my marriage has turned down the same kind of path,although no affairs,money or a missing wife...yet ;-)
    That last bit was a joke for any potential future jurors,or reporters reading this post ;-)

  3. Gone girl on my list. Our daughter loved it. Bought maze runner book, anothter Dystopian so I enjoyed it.

  4. Darren, I believe everyone's marriage goes down that same kind of 'path' eventually. It's rare if it doesn't. What does 'Gone Girl' mean anyway? I think it's about the Girl in her that is no more.. or something, and he ceases to Amaze her anymore, as in 'amazing Amy'?


  5. I think "Gone Girl" is about two people who were never there to start with because they were both playing at being someone they were not.
    To know yourself means looking in some dark places within,and nobody is going to show those cards to a potential partner.They will keep them close to their chest until later in the relationship and that's usually when relationships break down and partners accuse each other of not being the person they thought they married,because of course they were not.I think "Gone Girl" is about shattering those storybook illusions of modern day marriage and the games lovers play with each other.
    After 26 years of marriage to someone I thought I knew,I will be happy to live the rest of my life as single and get to know myself in the Jungian sense with no regrets about not being in a relationship.
    Maybe the biggest fools in the Tarot deck are
    "The Lovers" ?-)

  6. I should say by dark side I don't mean Satanic or violent side of your personality,but fears and vulnerabilities as well as being honest with yourself about your life and what makes you tick.
    I don't mean letting the murderous,violent,lust-driven and selfish impulses run wild like the two in the movie do.It means being honest with yourself and not trying to play games with others lives.Trying to find the authentic self that leads to a sense of peace within.

  7. Chasing Amy. Amy = ami = love.


    Take it from me - you do not know how to see a movie. Oh, you know how to "watch" one, but not to "see" what it is telling you.

    Por exemplo - every word spoken in every movie is spoken to YOU, the viewer. But you thin kthe characters are talking to each other, and so you do not "hear" what they are telling you because you don't even know you are being spoken to.

    Also, set rhetoric. Every thing in every scene has a purpose. Nothing (NO THING) is accidental. If there is an owl in EVERY SCENE in an episode of "Parks and Recreation" it is on purpose. Yes - Leslie Knope is Athena, and in every Leslie KNope scene there are multiple owls.

    You didn't know Parks and Rec was deep metaphysics?


  8. Maze Runner is a perfect example.

    Look, if you dare, at how many movies involve a scene where someone is running or driving through a corn field (maize running).

    Ask yourself - why?

    Running through a maze. Who is in a maze? YOU ARE!!!

    Movies speak to YOU. Learn to listen.