" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 17, 2014

Life Support?

Thinking about getting a tattoo like this for my left wrist this weekend, to go under my watchband, in case I ever end up on 
life support.
It should make it easier on my family if they are ever forced to make a decision to pull the plug on me, or not.
UPDATE: 18/10/2014.
Too late.
Oh, what a fool I am?-) 
Now here's a sync also.
I had to be down in the Byron Bay area early in the day for an open house, for a house I wanted to look at, as I'm thinking (pretty hard too) about moving down there.
I had also made up my mind to get a tattoo from Sharky's Tattoo in Byron Bay later in the day, so thought I would take in a movie across the road first, have some lunch, and get a tattoo and go home.
My only two real choices for the time I wanted to see a movie in Byron Bay were Gone Girl, which I have already seen, or  
The Maze Runner, which I did want to see, as everybody has been telling me how good it is.
See the comments section of the Gone Girl post, for example.
Boy did it blow me away when I saw the main runner in the film had his left wrist bandaged at one stage of the movie, as if he had just gotten a tattoo, too:-)
Where I got my new tattoo. The cinema is right across the road from it
Oddly enough, it was another movie that gave me the idea for getting the tattoo in the first place. 
Nice job on the tattoo, too Rob. Cheers.


  1. I can't think like that - as I couldn't be sure if at 'that' time I'd still want to be unplugged.

  2. I'm deadly serious about the tattoo,Marie...pardon the pun.
    I don't fear death,only dying.
    I got the idea for the tattoo after seeing the movie "Transcendence" and thought it was a good idea for someone like me who is 100% sure about being "unplugged" and making sure that the people who may have to make that decision knew my feelings if it came down to that.

  3. Darren, I had to do this for my bro. when my parents were too incapacitated to even speak.It was a split-second decision on my part, very much guided by the doctor and his view. Can I be morbid? What the heck. I've come this far.....When I touched my seemingly brain-dead brother's hand, it was ice cold, no feeling, no movement, nothing. SO I knew there was no point in prolonging the inevitable.

    Please feel free to delete this message if you prefer. I'm okay about it. I just thought that, seeing as I have personal experience of this stuff, I would tell you. It's been 20 years as of this past Sept. but I remember it vividly, guess I will forever!

    In case you're wondering my own personal opinion, unless someone is likely to come out of a coma in one piece after a long time, then yes, I would agree to pull the plug please. I don't need the tattoo though!

  4. The tattoo will be more of a living will (there's a contradiction for you...a living will to die :-) expressing my wish to the living person who will have to make that decision for me at the time,if it should ever occur.
    I've had an OBE (not from the queen either;-) so I know the thinking part can function outside of the body.To me death is just a severing of the body and soul...or whatever you want to call the thinking part of the person.The tattoo will also serve as a reminder to me to be grateful for the healthy days in a body that's days are numbered.
    Sorry to hear about your brother Marie,it couldn't have been easy,but I think you did the right thing.

  5. did it then? That looks like a real tattoo!

    I guess we know what to do with you now! LoL


  6. Yes,it's real alright.
    No backing out now if I'm ever on life support,unless I lose an arm on the way way to hospital. ;-)