" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 26, 2015

7 Brief Talks on Kabbala and the Manifestation of Divine Energy

I have to say that I have never studied the Kabbalah before, but I found these 7 talks on the subject by Rabbi Borukh Goldberg interesting.
In Part 1 he discusses Ain Sof & Keter. 
Join him as he explores what would seem to be an impassible gulf between The All and a specific thing, which is the Mystery of Creation. 
Here he also tackles the ‘Why’ of creation.
He is also the author of the book Spilled Blood, A False God & Real Estatewhich is available from Sync Book Press.
Part 2 of 7 brief talks on Kabbala by Rabbi Borukh Goldberg.
Here we learn of the Emergent Order and the Sustaining Order of the Ten S'firot, and how these Orders operate in a living mode of action & harmony, rather than in a static state of being.
Part 3.
In this third talk, we learn of the nature & intent of the Left Side of the Tree of Life, as he explores two popular misconceptions regarding the Left Side.
Rabbi Borukh Goldberg's 4th talk on Kabbala and the Manifestation of Divine Energy. 
Here he examines the nature and operation of Evil, as he explores "The Other Side", the Klippot, and the impersonation of Sh'Khina, the Divine Presence.
Rabbi Borukh Goldberg's 5th talk on Kabbala and the Manifestation of Divine Energy. 
Here he examines the Two Mothers and their methods of nurturing creation.
In Part 6 of Rabbi Borukh Goldberg's 7 talks on Kabbala & The Manifestation of Divine Energy he examines how Sh'Khina, Malkhut, the Lower Mother, bears and nurtures our world. 
He also explains the unification of Sh'Khina and her Mate.
In the last installment of Rabbi Borukh Goldberg's talks on Kabbala he examines the proposition that we are the means of the redemption of Sh'Khina, the Life-Giving Mother of us all.

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