" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 12, 2015

Soul Mates, Cellmates, and Everyone in Between

Me and my cellmate at a fancy-dress party in the 80s before we become real cellmates.
I was reading Jeffery A Wands book "Another Door Opens" and he had a chapter called,
"Soul Mates, Cellmates, and Everyone in Between"
 In the chapter Jeffery writes, "what the spirits have taught me is that those with whom we cross paths always come into our lives for a reason."
He then goes on to write, "sometimes we do meet our soul mate, the person with whom we are meant to share the rest of our life, but sometimes people come into our life at a particular point for a particular reason, and once they've served that purpose, they leave....
People do use us and we use them, because we need to learn some lesson from one another."

This really resonated with me, because at first I really thought I had found my soul mate for life,
Notice the life preserver on the wall behind us? Man overboard?

but after my children were born it became apparent (although, I should have noticed it before) that there was another cellmate living not too far away as well (my mother-in-law) who wanted to run the cell-block.
Which I let her do, more or less, for most of the 25 year marriage.
The marriage started to hit the skids when my father-in-law died suddenly of a heart attack in 2010, leaving my mother-in-law and wife devastated.
 The trouble was that my wife, as she puts it, put up walls around herself when her father died.
 Unfortunately for me, those walls kept me out and her and her mother in.
The marriage became very much a case of two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, to reference another Pink Floyd song.
And once I was made redundant from a job I had for almost 25 years (she survived the cut in her redundancy scare of a very well paying government job, the same week that I didn't, ironically enough) it became a case of making sure the money didn't run out before I found another job.
 But, the real problem when it came to our marriage was that her mother never let her daughter leave her apron strings, which wasn't a big problem when my wife's father was alive, but as soon as he died it was like mother wanted her daughter back, and the ironic thing is that I could see her going to live at her mother's place for the last year or so, although my wife always insisted she would never move back to her former home, but no I was wrong, she left me to go and rent a house right across the road from her mother's house.
Her mother's house is #17 and my wife's house is number #18, in the same street.
An old time marriage photo taken at Dreamworld, before we were really married. Ironic?
So my soul/cell mate made a jailbreak to go live back with her other cell/soul mate, it seems.
So, I have to agree with Jeffery on the Cellmate/Soul mate  analogy in his book, and I would say that there are a lot more cellmates than soul mates on this planet, as the marriage to divorce stats seem to show.
Another door opens?
The only reason I picked Jeffery's book to read in the first place was because of any eerie door I saw not long after my father-in-law passed away, which I related to in this post -
Behind the Door at Byron Bay
But, I have to say that since my father-in-law's death, life has definitely become more stranger than fiction.
Also, I would have to agree with the late great Robin Williams in his personal observation on relationships, and loneliness within them.
Love on the Rocks...A Fool's Journey? 
Trouble is that when you have children together, you will both be cell-mates for life, to some degree, even after a jailbreak.
Personally I don't know how good Jeffery.A.Wands is as a psychic, but if you want to listen to his weekly radio shows, you can listen live at this link-
Walk 97.5 Fm Sundays at 9.00pm
And his book Another Door Opens is a must read, as far as I'm concerned.
Also, when I was reading his book, there was a story about Johnny Depp befriending a child cancer patient and I was wondering if he still did this kind of thing anymore?
A few hours after reading that passage I see a news story about him visiting child cancer patients in a hospital in my hometown of Brisbane.
Johnny Depp surprises young girl
Life is strange, and I'll bet death is too ;-) 


Mike Perry said...

I'm also sure death is strange too!

Interesting to read your marriage story and about cellmates - though sometimes cellmates can get along okay (or so I've heard!). In a way though we all have our ties or what we deem responsibilities. But, as far as children are concerned, we have to release them at the appropriate time - which appears something your mother-in-law couldn't do.

Anyway, nice to catch up on your life. My blogging and keeping in touch faltered as my enthusiasm waned. I felt I was simply writing the same stuff over and over. I needed a change so I have been messing about on Google+ - light stuff, nothing too serious.

Mustn't ramble on. Take care.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I agree with Mike about your MIL. It's too bad, really, that she couldn't move beyond her husband's death. But I still feel this is the new chapter in your life Daz - the door that is opening. As for letting go of our kids, if we don't do it - they do. So perhaps your soon to be ex will figure that out. Or not. Either way, it's not your concern anymore.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Re:"My blogging and keeping in touch faltered as my enthusiasm waned."
I understand what you mean Mike,although at the moment I have so many posts I feel I need to write that I'm just overwhelmed with my lack of time to put them all down in some coherent order,but they usually come together for me at the right time when they need to be written,such is the mysteriousness of synchronicity.
It's easy to get discouraged when blogging though,but like I've said before Mike,your blog is probably more important than you realize it is to the people that stumble across it,many of them will never leave a comment,but will value your work just the same.
You don't have to post something everyday just for the sake of posting something,that is a sure way to burn yourself out.
I just post when I feel like it (which probably seems like everyday to people who read my blog) and write what I feel should be written,I don't really care what people want to read,it's more a matter of what I feel I need to write.
For all I know people may just read this blog to see wear this train-wreck is heading,or for a laugh,either way if I'm not educating people,at least I'm giving them a laugh.
Your blog is one of the unique ones out there and the posts you do about the white feathers and after death visitations must give great comfort and confirmation to people who have experienced something similar.
So by all means take a break from blogging when you need to,but keep that blog going Mike,because you are doing great work at "67 Not Out".(see how I threw in that plug ?-)
Anyway you are right,Mike sometimes cellmates can get along,to the point they may even think they are soulmates.
But cellmates aren't just the ones that you marry,they can be Co-workers,bosses,brothers,sisters,parents,sons,daughters,or anyone who turns up in your life for one reason,or another and you just can't get away from for some reason,or another.Usually there is a lesson for both parties to nut out in life's great plan I feel,even though it may not appear that way on a day to day basis.

Mike Perry said...

Thanks for writing that Darren - appreciated very much.
Best wishes to you.