" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 5, 2015

Shapes of Meaning

I must confess to not being a real big fan of poetry,
except for maybe Charles Bukowski's poems,
Reflections And Shadows
even though I did have a go at writing a poem, or two, a while back,
like this one for instance -
Traveling Mind
The foggy memories of a life that has past
develop each day into fantasies fast
of a time to reflect on a life that was vast
and the winds of change that have blown on my mast
as my mind sails away on the thoughts that are cast
to a future where I look back wishing this moment would last. 
The poem I wrote above was inspired by this scene above, 
a photo I took on a tour of the Cape Byron lighthouse, 
one of my most favourite spots on the planet.
 And as I've written on this blog before,
the crow is one of my favourite animal totems - 
My Crow Totem at the BBWF
So, when I saw the book "Shapes of Meaning" with a crow pictured on the cover in a $2 sale at the Booktopia website, I bought it,
even though I had never heard of, or read any of 
Ann Tregenza's work before.
 I particularly liked Ann's poems about Greece, such as this one below.
Tinos, Greece
And reading her poem,
"Church of the Annunciation, Tinos, Greece"
really hit home with the Greek financial crisis so much in the recent news, and seeing scenes like the one below of a 77 year old Greek man.

Greek debt crisis: Photograph of elderly man collapsed outside bank reveals pensioner's despair (click here to read news story)

The poem above is called "Greek Orthodox Church Lindos"
I couldn't get the title of the poem in the camera shot above 
without cutting out part of the poem.
Those two poems are probably my favourite ones in Ann's book and oddly enough while most of her other poems in the book were also published elsewhere, like magazines and newspapers, or read on radio, these two above weren't.
I liked this poem above of Ann's as well, as it reminded me of David Lynch's idea of catching the big fish, that I wrote about in this post -
My Sunday: Between Two Worlds 
and Trying to Catch the Big Fish
 With the tragic events that have hit Nepal this year, I found the above poem quite interesting and eerie, plus educational as well, as I had never heard about the Living Goddess of Nepal before.
 And on a synchronistic level, after reading this poem yesterday I saw a news story straight after on the ABC news website about a tourist getting attacked by a croc.
I have to say that sometimes you can judge a book by the shapes on it's cover. ;-)
Bravo Ann.
 A royal thank you as well?  
Now that's something to crow about.

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