" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 11, 2015

Julie McKenzie Enlightening the Ether

I've written about Julie McKenzie before on this blog of mine and I was re-reading an old post from a while back about her and thinking, I wonder what Julie is up to now, as I hadn't been hearing much about her recently, not that I'm into the world of psychics that much anyway, because as I've said before, there aren't that many that are the real deal, in my books.
But I think Julie is the real deal. 
I found these You Tubes above when doing a Google search for Julie and found them quite impressive, so I thought I would share them in a post. 
She has a gift, that's for sure.
One of the clips above is actually just a podcast from her recent radio spots on a local Brisbane radio station, where people ring into her to get a bit of advice and comfort.
Funny thing is, the radio station she has her show on I no longer listen to, because I can't stand the music they play now, but years ago I used to listen to the morning show before going to work, a show that I ended up winning $500 for writing a suburban song after my soon to be ex-wife talked me into entering.
 The only DJ left from that morning show is the guy pictured above holding the toothbrush (Stav) and he was the guy who sung my song on the radio with Gabby singing the part of my wife in the song.
I still get a smile while listening to that song on the CD the radio crew sent me.
If I learn how to convert the CD to MP3, I'll place it here at a later date.
Anyway, enough of the Six Degrees of Separation stuff.
I still remember sitting by my old pool 
(which I no longer have, thanks to the recent divorce) 
and snapping a pink orb while reading Julie's book 
Dancing with Spirit.
Pink Orb Sync?
Julie has all her current radio segments over on her You Tube channel if you'd like to listen to more of her impressive readings, just click on the link below -
Funny thing also was I heard Julie giving her prediction for the NRL Grand Final one morning on the radio that was playing at work and she predicted that the Cowboys would win and I hoped she was right and I turned to the young Bronco fan I worked with and said your team has no chance now, because Julie is never wrong.
 I remember watching the final and thinking in the final minutes when it looked like the Broncos had it in the bag with literally seconds to go, that it looked like Julie got it wrong ... but her prediction came through with a late try and field goal to the Cowboys.
 Also strange was that my suburban song was sung by Stav, as a cowboy singing about the big cow and big gun that was a stone's throw from the first house we owned (and had built) at the time I wrote the song.
We spent the $500 on having an automatic opening door for the garage (pictured below) installed.
So, the Cowboys (the team I was cheering for on the day:-) won the final the year my wife and I split, and the team my wife has gone back to supporting and who entered the NRL the year we were married (1988) got beaten.  
Not only that, but the Cowboys were coached this year by a former Sharks (the team I support in the NRL) player, Paul Green.
Who said everything isn't connected?-)


  1. A great sequence of synchros here, Daz! And love the pink orb!

  2. Did you listen to the radio segments Trish?
    Mind-blowing stuff.