" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 8, 2015

Turn on Your Heart-light?

This is a post that I didn't plan on writing, but just felt because a lot of things just came together for me this morning that I should pass on my brain-droppings ... as George Carlin might have once said.
Carlin played Cardinal Glick
in the movie Dogma
I've always loved the image of Jesus offering his heart, as it speaks to me on a very deep level, and while I don't call myself a Christian, I do have a similar image of Jesus offering his heart on the magnet stuck to the right of my computer screen on my desk frame.
Now, the reason I came to write this post was because I was re-reading this old post and I noticed that some of the original You Tubes I had used when I wrote the post had since become private videos, so this morning I went looking for some new ones, none of which I had watched before. - 
The Miraculous Recovery and NDE of Anita Moorjani
So, I watched them all, including the one above.
My view of Neil's Thursday night concert
Brisbane November 5th, 2015
Funny thing is that I was trying to write a much larger post about the weird personal synchronicties that occurred to me when I went to the Neil Diamond concert last Thursday night in my hometown Brisbane when I decided to check that old post about Anita and replace those outdated videos that weren't working any longer.
'Heartlight' is inspired by the blockbuster movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which Diamond, Bayer Sager and Bacharach had all seen together. 
When the alien E.T. leaves Earth, his heart glows a luminous red, hence the title of the song.
Weird thing was that I went to see the excellent new Drew Barrymore movie, Miss You Already about a lifelong friend who is dying of cancer.
In Drew's new movie there is a scene when her friend loses her hair when going through chemo and Drew says that she looks like ET.
An obvious reference to the movie Drew starred in as a child.
On a personal note, my mother starts chemo this week for a cancer of the lung, after being in remission from cancer for well over 5 years ... and she was never a smoker
On Thursday night Neil played this song from his new album, Melody Road.
I had never heard it before and thought here we go, a new song which will probably bore me to death, after hearing so many good oldies.
He said it took him 5 years to write and that it didn't really come together until the very last line.
Well, I believe it comes together with the second last line, but the knockout punch comes with the last line.
I have to say that it took me the second listen on the internet to realize that the song is a classic.
I have to say with my divorce about to be finalized any week now that the above song is my favourite ND song of the moment.
In fact, I'll be quite happy to remain a solitary man for the rest of my life, as I no longer have the trust it would take to believe in a so-called "life partner" again.
And in my book, no relationship is better than a bad relationship.
I may not believe in romantic love anymore, but I do agree with Anita that love, or following your heart-light in life is the key to living life.
Love is much more than a romantic love between two individuals.
Real love is what real friendships are made of, and loving what you do and give to the world and feeling that love in your heart when you give it is what a life well lived is all about.

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