" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 30, 2015

It Must Be Time to Put Up the Christmas Decorations.

A Christmas feast in November?
I had this overwhelming thought come into my head that I should go outside and have a smoke (I only have one a day, as a form of therapy to calm my nerves from all of the s#!+ happening in my life at the moment and contemplate the meaning of life, sort of like a deadly meditation, ironically enough, while I proceed to endanger my lungs further down the track, if I make it that far) and as I'm sitting in my chair looking up at the approaching nighttime sky I see a spider, which I thought looked shaped like a red-back spider (and I have seen my share of those), but thought it was weird that one would be spinning a web so high off the ground, and while I sat there watching, a little beetle hit the web and the spider rushed to it and started to wrap it up in web.
I then thought that I wish I had my cell phone on me so I could document this moment, so I put the smoke down and rushed into the unit hoping that the spider would hold that pose until I came back ... which it did, or you wouldn't be seeing these pictures in this post.
After I had taken the picture above a Christmas beetle flew past almost hitting the web, which I thought would have destroyed the spider's handy work if it had of hit it.
But just to prove me wrong, the next minute one of these beetles hit the web and stayed there, to my amazement.
Then the spider rushed over and gave it a few good bites and proceeded to wrap it up in web.
As I'm witnessing the wonders of nature at work the f#cking mosquitoes are having a good feed on my leg, even though I was wearing camouflage pants to fool the bitches:-)
Just to give you an idea of the time of day (6:50 pm) here is a shot of my garden light.
Now the weird thing is that in Australia we call these rather stupid beetles "Christmas Beetles", because they come out around Christmas time and just fly into anything, like solid brick walls and smokers sitting in chairs minding their own business while slowly killing their lungs and getting bitten by mosquitoes, while contemplating why life really sucks so much.
Christmas Beetle
The funny thing though is that I have been out here every night at around this time watching the night sky and this is the first time that I have seen a Christmas beetle, and there are heaps around tonight.

Tomorrow is the 1st of December, which is time to put up the Christmas decorations and these beetles are right on time, not only that, but according to Wikipedia, "Christmas beetle is a name commonly applied to the Australian beetle genus Anoplognathus
They are known as Christmas beetles because they are abundant in both urban and rural areas close to Christmas
Christmas beetles are large (20-30 mm long) members of the scarab family that are noisy and clumsy fliers, similar to the cockchafers of Europe. 
They typically have elytra that are a dark or light brown, or green, in some species with a green-yellow iridescence.".
Being a fan of Jung's theories of synchronicity I find it quite synchy that they are related to scarab beetles.
 Well, I guess I had better get my Chrissy decorations up tomorrow, as who knows, it might be my last Christmas, if I don't give up the smokes?-)
Fingers crossed:-) 

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