" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 28, 2016

I think We Are Going to See Some Serious S#it When This Baby Hits 88 ;-)

I'm no numerology expert, but I thought it was kind of cool that the Year of the Fire Monkey starts on the 8th of February in 2016 (2/8/16 ... as they write the date in The States).
8 being half of 16 and 2x8=16 (8+8?)
Plus, this year's Oscars are the 88th and will be held on the 28th of Feb (2[x]8?).
Hmm ... the first Oscars after last year's BTTF year?-)

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11
Tarot card #16? 2016?
I think we are going to see some serious s#it when this baby hits 88;-)

Chris Rock will host the
88th Academy Awards
Chris Rock will host the 88th Academy Awards and his birthday is the 7th of February, which is Chinese New Year's Eve this year. 

Star Wars in the Year of the Monkey?
You think the Academy would have got Ricky to host it with his experience with monkeys.
But then he did host the Golden Globes the same day that Bowie passed away, so maybe not an auspicious sign perhaps
And on a sidenote with David Bowie and Alan Rickman passing away at the age of 69, it's the 69th British Academy Film Awards this year to be held on Feb 14th (Valentines Day)
Oh, and doesn't the Deadpool super hero get injected with a treatment to save him from dying of cancer, too?
The nominees were announced for the 69th British Academy Film Awards on 8 January 2016 (Bowie's birthday) by Stephen Fry, who was the narrator in the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy film that Alan Rickman voiced Marv the depressed robot in. 
Fry will also host the awards on Valentine's Day
And on the subject of Marvs, "Marvin Minsky, the artificial intelligence pioneer who helped make machines think, leading to computers that understand spoken commands and beat grandmasters at chess, has died at the age of 88, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said."
AI pioneer Minsky dies aged 88
"Minsky, who died on Sunday, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, the school said.
"Where the f#ck did Monday go?"
"Of the five Taoist elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood, this is the year of the red Fire Monkey
Red means go! Fire brings passion, creativity, and joy
Fire types are strong, dynamic, and can overcome illness and obstacles.
That's funny because J Law from HG/Catching Fire is up for a "Best Actress" award for the movie JOY.
Jennifer Lawrence will probably be jumping for joy if she wins the 'Best Actress' Oscar on the night, because with this year being a leap year the Oscars are on the day before the leap day of February 29th.
Also, the girl born in 88, Grimes, has a new Mad Max style video clip out and is playing the Big Cat in Osaka on 27 Jan 2016 (which is tonight), while on her way to Australia in February -
Grimes - Art Angel (Documentary)
And I see today in the news that a Catherine Grimes was killed on the 26th of January with her Australian boyfriend, the 26th of January also being Australia Day.
Sydney man Dave Hannagan killed in avalanche at US ski resort
American woman Catherine Grimes was reportedly killed in an avalanche in Wyoming
A scene from Grimes new music clip
Wardrobe malfunction:
Kristen Stewart
Mad Max: Fury Road is up for 10 Awards on Oscar night and the story is meant to take place in Australia, but unlike the previous Mad Max movies, it wasn't filmed in Australia.
"A woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in post-apocalyptic Australia in search for her homeland with the help of a group of female prisoners, a psychotic worshipper, and a drifter named Max."
Deadpool Takes Aim at the Dead Heart?
And of course, the Huntsman from Snow White and the Huntsman is played by Aussie Chris Hemsworth, who is probably better known for playing Thor.
Of course, Charlize Theron, the Snow White South African actor plays the Snow Queen villain in the Snow White movies and becomes the queen of Oz as Imperator Furiosa in the Mad Max: Fury Road film as the 
Black star controversy hits the 88th Oscars
The s#it seems to be flying at
88th Oscars already;-)
What a lovely night this is turning out to be for the organizers of the AA while they try rehabilitating the night (couldn't help throwing in an AA joke there;-).
Christopher Julius Rock
I find it kind of Ironic that the Academy have a black actor named Rock at the heart of the Award night and the Dead Heart of Australia is pretty much represented by the biggest sacred rock in the world.
Officially gazetted as Uluru/Ayers Rock

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11

In the BTTF/9/11video above that I had some input into, my contribution was mainly centered around the monolith being the movie screen, which I think it has been pretty well established that this is what Kubrick was going for by making the monolith film screen dimensions, which is what he has you staring at unknowingly at the start, intermission and probably right at the end of '2001', too. 


predicts 9/11

The white monolith?
Which was what all the BTTF movies were driving at, too, in my opinion (pardon the pun).
 Humans touching the pocket monolith
 and watching movies on it
For better, or for worse in this universe, everything is connected, as Carl Jung would tell you.
A dream is a small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens up to that primeval cosmic night that was the soul, long before there was the conscious ego.
Carl Jung
Fool's Gold and their dreams?
The saddest Oscars moment EVER: Michael Keaton stuffs his acceptance speech back in his pocket as Redmayne wins
Film, the Year of the Monkey
 and the 2001 monolith?
Being an Aussie myself I'm kind of hoping for a Mad Max sweep on the night, but I think that might be a bit foolish, as I like The Revenant better on so many levels.
Mad Max Fury Road Oscar Nomination Reaction
It all sounds like one bad Hollywood script you're probably thinking?-)


  1. Two things come to mind, Sam Gold in Revolver related to being the ego and how We All Dream in Gold and I notice on hunger games Remember Who the Enemy is and the bow/arrow is pointed at the viewer / reader.

    There are some out there doing crazy breakdowns of October 4 being 88 days left in the year, some say trouble starts then. I believe we manifest so I won't say more on that but the info is out there on mind quad if you wish to look. Do limit your exposure, I say.

    Thanks for putting together this cool article! :D

  2. This is great. Serious shit at 88MPH. Prominent occult number. There's a weird SE with this. I was going to post a write up on something really bizarre with Back to the future, but I opted for some dirt on our football league instead. I will now write about it since we've just created an SE. Please visit my blog sometime soon. I will work on it today.

  3. I haven't finished the post yet Nathan, as I posted it when I was half a sleep forgetting to put in my mandatory "POST STILL IN PROGRESS" to the bottom of it I was so tied.
    I didn't plan on writing this post, as I am in the middle of writing another, but weird things just started cropping up in the news like the Grimes syncs, so I felt I should just go with the flow and write a post about the AAs and the Year of the Fire Monkey.
    So stay tuned for the rest, as I've now had my rest and will add the rest.

  4. Been having lots of of 8 and 88 syncs in this immediate period of being, this morning my rider/waite/smith radiant deck 'spit-out' the tower and the eight of wands - my wonderland deck showed me the eight of ands a few hours prior under which I had the strength card face up on top of deck which uses the modern numerical formatting of eight, and I drew the eight of cups for my card of the day from my r/w/s deck yet later. that's just the 8's with tarot. so this is the episode of learning I'm currently on

    and you'll find that to be episode 8. and just before the 1st minute is up LMH mentions 'approved for release August 8th' which is 8/8.

    Again, October 4th (ten four over and out) is the 88th day to end of year, or that the year has 88 days left in it, now, I hope you will look up the work of someone who, well, bashes, rather, mistrusts and treats poorly at times, russianvids and barelyhuman11, which, if I'm innerstanding here, you write that you might have had some input to (?) which, this one content creator/mistruster thinks that it is double-fake predictive programming or whatever, rather than a cool sync video (which it is, right? a cool sync video, not predictive programming disguised as a sync video) and anyways, they have a theory going that a lot of, well, as you put it, s#it is going to hit the fan come this 88th day using breakdowns of codes from BTTF, 2001, etc etc so I wouldn't spend much time there, but perhaps you want to look this person up, see what they've got to offer. I'm not a fan, so I don't shine much light in their direction. Not enough heart or warmth for my taste. That's all. I hope this helps :)

  5. Actually my title of the post "I think We Are Going to See Some Serious S#it When This Baby Hits 88 ;-)" is more, or less a play on words referring to the BTTF line and the fact that it is the 88th Oscars this year...and Oscar night is usually just a big pile of s#it anyway. Plus, anyone who has their eyes open can see 2016 is not looking like a good year for the world on many levels, so the fact 2016 happens to be the year of the 88th AAs may just coincide with a year that the s#it will really hit the fan also.
    Having known barelyhuman11 for a number of years I find it extremely funny that people see Joe as a predictive programmer, but people are going to see what they want to see I guess, nothing I say will change that.
    And yeah I did have input into the making of that BTTF/9/11 video, which I pretty much show the screen shots in this post, as to what that input was, the rest of it, as well as the scenes I show were Joe's and other sync-head friends of mine and Joe's.
    My personal angle with this blog is based on Carl Jung's theory of synchronicity and how everything is connected to a super-consciousness, which we all have access to.
    That's not to say that there isn't conspiracies happening in the world, because you would have to be very ignorant to believe that there isn't humans conspiring for their own gain.
    But no men, or groups of men can win over the collective of every living thing, that is a real foolish dream, try as they might.

  6. I love what you say about how no groups can take control over the the total. That feels 'relieving' - see I feel like this is going to be a great year. I am new to 'conspiracy' and 'sync' in general, I say I am in 'spiritual kindergarten'. I am interested in hearing why you say this year is going to be craptacular, what do you and your research see happening? And what is 'the prize' in general terms? I am interested in having a non-public exchange, email what have you, if you would care to speculate off-the-books so to speak. In either case, I am quite pleased to have found your blog, I will be attending sync book's Oly summit, and I will continue to follow your blog - Secret Sun and Synchro Miss and Loren Coleman are some others I've found so far that I really enjoy in this vein, along with 42 minutes and Marty Leeds.

    My holy crap though, I feel like Fringe and I are interacting this evening. Been having lots of syncs with it and just general strangeness with 8 today, as I mentioned. It's relieving to find others who are pretty nonplussed by all this - very welcoming indeed. Hope you're having a great day! :)

  7. The next morning after I posted my comment I was watching the movie Bull Durham. The managers were describing their pitchers arm, struck out 18, hit the mascot 18 times and they repeated the phrase, "Serious Shit," multiple times. The serious shit SE continues for me.

  8. That's very cool Crow Corner!
    What does SE mean?
    Did you know that Greg Carlwood's The Higherside Chats has a 'special segment' titled Croww's Corner? He focuses on Hadibov and 'the lunar hologram' as seeming-mainstays of his work, which Greg kindly provides a platform for.

    I believe it is on Chris Knowle's 'Secret Sun' which he mentions in one of his many articles the concept that sync is here to remind us of our purpose incarnating on this plain/dimension, or perhaps something similar to that, perhaps, that it is a sign we are on the right path for our lives, though, I'm inclined to a mix of both those explications... though it could be something wholly different.

  9. SEs are what Dr.Kirby Surprise likes to call synchronicities.
    His book is worth reading, but I think Kirby's theories are a little too self-centered (pardon the pun) when it comes to the bigger picture.
    I've written a few posts about his work on this blog, just put "Dr.Kirby Surprise" into the search function of this blog and most of those posts should come up.

  10. Great sequence of synchros and insights, Daz!