" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 4, 2016

The Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis

This was a post I planned to write around Halloween when I just saw Rodney Ascher's creepy little film The Nightmare and had listened to one of Rodney's film subjects talking to Jasun Horsley in a podcast called Diving into the Nightmare (with Forrest Borie).

The Liminalist # 38: Diving into the Nightmare

Forrest talks about "the ticklers" 

he remembers from Childhood

The Liminalist # 3: The Semblance of Certainty
(with Rodney Ascher)
Jasun has a pod-cast episode with the film director Rodney Ascher, as well, about Rodney's other movie, Room 237, which is worth a listen, too.
The Liminalist # 3: The Semblance of Certainty (with Rodney Ascher)
The Nightmare Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Documentary HD
I first saw Rodney's movie sitting on the shelf of my local Blockbuster video store and hired out for a viewing in late October of last year.
I liked it so much I bought a DVD of it a few weeks later and have since watched it again.
No wonder Rodney is on Rolling Stone's  
13 Horror Filmmakers You Need to Know.
I like how Rodney has a chapter in the movie devoted to
"screen memories", which is a play on the words of the often reported memories UFO abductees talk about in popular culture, but in this chapter of the movie the subject discussed is movie screen memories from movies like Insidious, Communion,
Natural Born Killers, Nightmare on Elm Street and other such memories from popular Hollywood movies of the past. 
The Nightmare
It was an interesting movie to someone like me who has never experienced something like sleep paralysis in my life ... even after watching the movie two, or three times since October (the urban myth attached to this movie is that like the movie in The Ring, once you watch this movie you start having these dreams and experiences yourself ... so you have been warned here, so don't blame me if you do watch it and start having these experiences) and it would make a good movie to watch round a campfire as a group on an iPad with maybe Friday the 13th thrown in, as well, just to make sure no one goes to sleep that night;-) 
Channel 42 from The Nightmare
I also liked how Rodney admittedly made the TV channel in the movie channel 42, as a shout out to all his sync-head friends who might view the movie.
Of course channel 42 was also the channel that the little girl watches when she disappears into the TV in the movie Poltergeist.
On a personal note I liked the good blue alien/spirit that came along and banished the demon/grey entities near the end of the movie, as I have always had a liking of blue alien/spirits on some subconscious level of my psyche.
Anyway, watch it if you dare ... and pleasant dreams;-)  

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It reminds me to address sleep apnea in relation to this and some other shiznit I've found.

    I always referred to it as my "death dream" but it's something I've had my entire life, and my parents never believed me as a kid. Weird considering the kid was me, and they, well...parented.