" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 17, 2016

Hunger Games? Snow is the Answer

Hunger games?
This isn't the Snow I'm referring to gamesters ...
 or even the game.
Snow is the answer to the hunger when your
 stomach is wants to
play games with you.
I bought Steven Snow's book, Cooking on the Coast at the  
Byron Bay Writer's Festival in 2014 when I caught him taking part in a talk called "Kitchen Confidential".
Simon Marnie, Jim Hearn, Christine Manfield
Steven Snow
Steven Snow in "Kitchen Confidential" at the BBWF 2014.
I didn't buy the cook book for the recipes, I bought it because I loved the beautiful pictures of the Byron Bay area that were captured wonderfully in the book ... but the food does look good, as well.

Cape Byron Lighthouse
I'm not sure where this bridge is ...
Mullumbimby perhaps?
Steven signed the book I bought and told me if I ever had a problem with cooking the recipes in the book just give him a call and he'll be glad to give some advice to help.

I had no intention of cooking anything in this book while I could just go to Steven's restaurant at Kingscliff
Click to make picture bigger
Funny sync here for me, as when I grabbed the above screen shot I was reading Hugh Mackay's book, What Makes Us Tick.
Last Thursday I decided to take my new car for a run to Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Kingscliff and decided to use my
Entertainment Card at Fins and use the 25% off the total bill offer and try Fins 6 course menu with my brother on the way home.
My new car has been averaging 42kmh in speed around town.
 42?! ;-)
Salt Village resort at Kingscliff.
Fins is located in Salt Village resort at Kingscliff, which is just up the road from Byron Bay and right on the beach, more or less.
Fins is about where that red circle is on the photo below.
It's a real short walk from Fins to the beach.
The view from Kingscliff to Byron Bay.
And below are a few photos of Fins that I snapped on the night.
We got there as soon as the restaurant had opened for the night, if you are wondering why it looks so empty, as far as diners go, but don't worry it didn't take long to fill up, so book a table to avoid missing out if you intend to dine here.
Sorry about my shoulder getting in the picture there.
Mm ... dessert.
Since I was driving I couldn't have the wine selections that went with the 6 course meal, so I just had the Stone & Wood mid-strength beer.
You can even buy a copy of the book at the restaurant I think.
Great if you would like to try and make the food taste as good as Steve and his chef's, but I'm quite happy to let them cook  for me when it comes to the hunger games.
Snowy even came to our table to see how we were enjoying our meal on the night, so that was nice to have a chat and then listen to him chat to the guy behind me about how the Japanese get the good fish from the co-op where Steve buys his fish, because they pay the top dollar to the fisherman who catch them, but since Steve grew up surfing with most of them he gets the sweet stuff, too.
So, for a great seafood meal it's hard to beat Snow when it comes to the hunger games;-) 
And since Liam lives down this way and knows Snow is hard to beat at the hunger games, you might even see Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus eating there. 
On a different note, I stumbled across a You Tube of snow exploding on top of a truck as it passes under a bridge when I was looking in vain for some information on the J.C.Snow bridge pictured in 
Steven Snow's cookbook, so I thought I would include it here in this post just because it is worth a look.
Having lived mostly in Queensland all my life I am yet to see snow in real life.
But I've got a feeling that seeing Salt is better than seeing snow;-)

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