" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 2, 2016

The 2016 Sync Summit Project: Boise & Olympia

In The Flesh [Sync Quick News 23]

In August of 2014 Sync Book Press held our first major Sync Summit in Olympia, Washington. The event was a great success and featured talks and presentations from Sync Book authors, broadcasters and sync filmmakers, including a Radio8Ball Show with Mark Hosler of Negativland, a walking tour of The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia, a Skype appearance from Rodney Ascher (Room 237), and a constant flow of sync that is documented at
Now in January of 2016 Sync Book Press is releasing all the footage from the 2014 event AND launching a new season of Sync activities that includes an exclusive Spring Sync event in Boise, Idaho in March and the next Oly Sync Summit in August.
 The 2016 Sync Summit Project: Boise & Olympia
The Boise Spring Sync (March 23rd-27th) will be an opportunity to spend an intimate weekend with fellow explorers of synchronicity in a relaxed environment during Boise's Treefort Music Festival. 
Sort of like our version of 'The Real World, Boise edition.' 
We are renting a house in downtown Boise with plans for some guerrilla sync experiments at the Treefort Music Fest as well as exploring what kind of media and artwork we can create together over the four nights and five days of our retreat.
The Olympia Sync Summit (August 18th-21st) will once again feature a Radio8Ball Show, as well as a full moon Tree Walk. 
In lieu of traditional presentations, the weekend will focus on screenings of new material and moderated discussions of a wide range of Sync topics. 
We have some ideas about topics we'd like to cover and we are also very interested in what's on the mind of our participants so please include your suggestion with your contributions.
The scope of the events we plan will be dependent upon the response to this campaign so if you want it to be something special we need you to get your tickets early and spread the word to your fellow sync enthusiasts.

A Sync Summit Documentary is just begging to be made. 
We captured some of the most incredible minds in some of the most sync saturated moments. Our camera crews were everywhere (as the videos we've released so far, as well as all the remaining videos we will be releasing for the full month of January, documented so well)
Yet we are still sitting on a lot of excellent HD footage - which means a sync film crew doesn't have to worry about copyright issues for maybe the first time ever. 
If we meet our full goal, we'll pay to have the footage color corrected and have the audio mastered and will produce a completed documentary of the 2014 Sync Summit. 
If funded, this would premiere in Olympia this August and everyone who donated at the $42 mark or above will get a digital download of the film.
This indiegogo is, for the most part, a ticket pre-sale. 
Most of the perks for this campaign cover the cost of admission to the events, and your lodging, which in Olympia includes breakfast at Fertile Ground.
But a number of you (particularly those who live in far away countries) have told us that we should make items such as T-Shirts that you could buy to support our event. 

You've spoken and we've listened.
We've made T-Shirts and autographed posters available as perks to our campaign as well as E-books and hey, if you've only got a small amount, we'll still shout you out on upcoming episodes of the Sync Book Radio programs "42 Minutes" and "Always Record."
Ultimately, the biggest perk of all is getting to spend time with friends and community members. The same is true of our end of the deal; we don't have a profit motive here as the money goes right back into production costs. 
Yet we feel the time and effort is totally worth it to make these events happen and have everyone together. 
We'll try and raise the money and put in the hard work to throw a great sync party, but it's up to you to join us and participate. 
We truly can't wait to see you there!
The 2016 Sync Summit Project: Boise & Olympia
Please note that I have nothing to do with running, or organizing this event (I can't make the Boise event and am doubtful about making the Olympia event, since I live in Australia)
This post is pretty much just a cut and paste job of the original website to the event.
For more information about the event, rewards/perks and people to contact, click on the above red link and go to the site.
This post is just a shout-out to bring the passing reader's attention of this blog to the upcoming events to be held this year in Boise and Olympia in The United States of America.

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